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  1. We tried that, but she won't touch it. Even the things that get her jumping for joy, won't get touched when we leave them with her.
  2. Thanks everyone! Really appreciating the feedback. To address the point about alone training, we actually have been practicing. I'll step outside for a minute, then come back in. Then I'll take the trash out and come back. Then the recycling. Then walk around the block. Unfortunately, she starts howling nearly instantly, except when it's just outside the door and back in (since she can see me). Would you recommend treats each time we reappear? Also, we tried to baby gate a section of the house and she just jumps over. Closing the door to a room resulted in her jumping up and dow
  3. Hi all, I feel like there are so many threads on separation anxiety already but the tricks I've read on others aren't working for us. We've been using a crate when we're away and each day it's taking her longer to settle in and sleep (we have a camera on her). Right now, we're at 2+ hrs before she settles and then it's only 30 mins of sleep before she's up and howling / clawing at crate. Here's a summary of her and what we've tried: 18-month-old female that never raced. Our first greyhound. Very timid but learning. Can do city walks without her freezing now. Tail now wags even. At
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