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  1. Title says it all. My humans told me the docouments that came with me stated i was a GH bleeder. I just want to make sure i m ok. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Brilliant...Ty..He is a character. I was giving him some cuddles yesterday because he was needy just a smidgen. Kinda funny i whispered in his ear I love ya buddy. gave him a hug and he gave me a very affectionate grey lick back. Just funny me and my other half are very pleased with him and yea.
  3. Give her a nice knuckle bone to chew on from the butcher block...absolutely do not engage her when your getting ready to leave. And out the Door. I felt bad the first few times i did it now it dosent bug me and he is doing great. Also when you come back do not engage her for 5-10 mins at all...let her calm down. let her figure out its just another day at the office..Is the kong noisy?..
  4. He will be an easy learner. Just stay consistent. Walk him on a lead first. And muzzle training is easy because most greys are easy going dont word of wisdom don't let there calm demeanor fool you into a false sense of security they have a solid prey drive and have been used to hunt and run down big animals since early Egyptian times. People think muzzles are cruel. They really aren't for a grey they are great while you are learning because your actually protecting them while you learn about them. my grey is was a racer. I still have him wear a muzzle but only in excessive public areas. Also i
  5. First make sure she has gone out 2 times in between food and watered well.....Give her a chance to succeed by making sure her living situation is (NOT CLUTTERED). So a clean tidy home i find is best. Now play some low music,Country,Christian or classical also give her nice meaty Knuckle bone from the butcher block to keep her busy while your gone dont give your dog a dozen different toys keep her world as simple as possible. When you leave just leave dont make it tangible in any way when you return give it 10 mins before you lovingly engage your grey..She will soon understand you will return.
  6. Grateful owner of Red Fawn 70lb Retired Racer....Everyone say hello to Fireboy. Me and my other half have owned this grateful and loving Grey for 3 weeks now...And are blessed and amazed by him in every way...........PS sometime soon we will be adopting another. They make wonderful companions. My only worry is the worthless pet owners that adopt mindlessly and have no realization of their inability to take care of themselves much less Grey or any animal for that matter.
  7. Yes i muzzle..I m protective of my dog. I take of his muzzle when i know he is out of his head know your dog first don't assume.
  8. So my name is Louie..And my owners have been very patient with me since the beginning of my adoption (3.5 weeks ago) they really didnt know i chose them however i let them believe this fact. As a rule of thumb when it comes to adopting especially us greys we are very smart and more owl like. We dont speak a lot we mostly listen,learn and watch. However because we are so intuitive if we have been abused it cuts down to the bone quick. So Naturally it is gonna take time for us to trust. Depending on the circumstances. But fear not if you continue to love us quietly and are not pushy we will come
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