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  1. Hi! I live near Cardiff, so not that far from Swansea! We'll be going through Carmarthen next weekend on the way to a short holiday in Pembrokeshire, on the coast
  2. Joe accepts that invitation gladly!! And would like to add frogs, plastic bags and wild boar to the list
  3. So sorry for your loss, what a terrible shock it must have been for you and your son. So sorry!
  4. Thank you for the welcome everyone! Really looking forward to getting to know you all, and your hounds
  5. Hi All, Just a quick post to say hello and introduce my big blue boy Joe - he's 5 and a half, 39kg, 31" to the shoulder and an ex-racer and hare courser (i.e. wants to kill EVERYTHING THAT MOVES!). My first ever greyhound (and first ever dog, actually!), I've had him for two years now and he's just my best mate Hope these pics work...
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