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  1. Hi all! Sorry for the late reply. Maisie is all black with a white spotted chest. So we realized that some of the licking she was doing was because of sores that she had. She is a little clumsy walking into her crate and knicks her paws on the slightly raised opening. We have since then covered that with hot glue to make them squishy but still closeable! I am actually not sure how to post a photo so when I figure that out, I will be sure to attach it! Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Hi all! We have had our greyhound for almost two months now and things are going great! We took her to the vet and the only issue we found was that she does have hookworms and we are on medication for that and she still has an occasional accident but way less than when we first got her. One thing we noticed is that her skin is looking pink and she seems to lick it a lot. Normally she has tiny little nicks on her leg/feet and she licks those occasionally but this is different as it is her whole foot or her leg and her skin looks pink. Any ideas? Or am I just overthinking?
  3. We would never yell at her or do anything to spook her! We just clean it up and move on, we don't want to make a big deal of it. We cleaned up the area with pet stain remover and she hasn't peed in the same spot again. She also peed in her crate yesterday, so I also cleaned her crate with it as well to get rid of the scent. We have been taking her for a 15 minute walk every morning where she pees/poops, so I think she was just not on a strict schedule yet. The group we adopted her from took her to the vet and go an all clear, though we are taking her again at the end of October with a poop sample. I think she is still just getting used to our place, so hopefully it won't be reoccuring! I think for her it is just marking, her foster family told us she did that a couple of times too. And, oh that is so cool! Maybe we can teach our grey the same thing! I love the idea of throwing them a party, haha! We do give her treats after she pees/poops, and shower her with affection afterwards! I think it was because we were still in the transition phase of coming from the foster home. Congrats on your two greys!!!!
  4. Hi all! We just adopted a 3 year old greyhound on Monday and it all has been going well so far, until last today. She peed in the house, even after we took some hefty 15 minutes walks! Is this something that is occuring because she wants to mark her territory? Or do you think that its because she is nervous? Any tips/tricks will help! We are first time dog owners :0) Thank you!
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