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  1. Grace thinks BST stands for Bladder and Sustenance Time
  2. Are you using a collar or a harness? If you are using a harness it is easier for her to put her full body weight into going the direction she wants whereas with a collar you have more control. Some people use both with a double ended lead. The harness to stop them escaping and the collar for control.
  3. I would be concerned that even if you managed to get her to ignore the kitten it would only be while you are watching her. Remember she has been trained to chase anything small and furry that runs which is why she ignored the rabbit. It wasn't moving fast enough.
  4. From what I understand from your post is that Jameson is now peeing and pooping when you leave him alone despite taking him out before you go and that this is a recent problem. A lot of dogs and greyhounds are suffering from separation anxiety because their owners, who have been around all day working from home because of Covid, are now being recalled to their place of work. You will need to start the home alone training again but hopefully he will pick it up quicker this time.
  5. Here in the UK the clocks go back an hour tonight as BST (British Summer Time) ends. Guess who isn't going to get an extra hour in bed tomorrow morning because Grace has flunked her time telling exams?
  6. He's still getting used to his new life and the freezing and peeing problems will get better. It's just time, patience and a good sense of humour with a bit more patience. As has often been said the dog you have now will be nothing like the dog you will have in 6 months or even two years time. Try walking him around the dog park on the leash and if he does go to the bathroom say "potty time" or some other command, give him praise and a treat. Hopefully in time he will feel more comfortable going on the leash and will try to go on command. Just be careful of taking him to dog parks if
  7. Greyhounds give very subtle indications that they need to pee etc. if at all so it is very easy to miss. My Grace knows she is able to go to the toilet twice a day and is able to hold it between those times. Male greyhounds will need to go more often as they can't hold it as long as females. Are you just putting him out to pee or are you taking him for a walk as well? You might need to get up a bit earlier and take him for a short walk to get things moving before you go to work. I know this is against your upbringing with working dogs but greyhounds are more like lapdogs, OK very lar
  8. I wonder if she's pulled a muscle in her back or trapped a nerve. I think a vet needs to check her over.
  9. First thing she WILL get over it. Remember Missy has just been propelled onto a strange new planet where all her customs and rules have been replaced with strange new ones. Greyhounds seem to go through a "honeymoon" period when you first get them home when everything is overwhelming so the blindly follow. Then as they start to figure things out they will refuse to do things until it makes sense to them. Unless she is very reactive to other dogs, cats etc I would remove her muzzle. I removed Grace's on walks after a few days once I got used to her. I've done the greyhound carryi
  10. Well done. If he's happy to do that then you should have no problem getting him to do the same when you leave him. I agree with BatterseaBrindl. He knows you haven't really gone away. You need to go away properly so he can't hear, see or sense you. Get a cheap dog-cam so you can see what he does when he is left alone and he might surprise you. Also try leaving the radio on quietly to kill the silence. When I leave Grace she will eat her Kong then climb onto the sofa and look out of the window. When I get back I can see her still looking out of the window before she runs to the door t
  11. Two and a half years and still won't come for a ear rub never mind a cuddle but she will now allow me to go to her . As for kisses, have you seen what they lick?
  12. Glad the op was a success.Try putting a poo bag on before the sock to keep things dry. Just keep an eye on where the coverings are fastened to the leg for signs of rubbing.
  13. Silly question but does he limp on all surfaces or just hard ones?
  14. The only time Grace sits is so she can look out of the back window of the car. Goodness knows what the driver behind thinks when he sees a greyhound's head suddenly appear looking straight at him.
  15. I agree, if your OH takes over looking after him he'll hopefully accept that he is OK to walk with. When you are out walking and you leave your OH with Samson don't make a big deal of it. Just a quick "see you later" and go. Don't even break your stride, tighten the lead or give out any other signal.
  16. I'm glad you've got past the first few hurdles and now you have the confidence to get over the ones to come. Grace has been keeping me on my toes with new quirks for over two years and counting.................
  17. I too have been known to be seen carrying a greyhound home because she "superglued" her feet to the pavement It's a common trait with greyhounds and most of us have gone through it in various degrees. When you first got her she would be overwhelmed with all the new sights and sounds and now she's had time to get used to them she's decided that she wants to make sure of some of them and check out if they are dangerous or not, so statues until her brain sorts it out. But they do get better with time and patience. If she's happy to be taken to the park then do so but don't force the issue.
  18. You have to remember that greyhounds aren't socialised with other dogs when they are young and have only been around other greyhounds. When you are out walking with him and you see someone with a calm quiet larger breed of dog ask them if your dogs can say hello to each other, but don't be surprised if he totally ignores the other dog. Let them have a quick sniff and move on as soon as he seems uncomfortable. Eventually he will become more accepting of other dogs and start to accept them but don't expect a quick fix.
  19. It's a corn and unfortunately there is nothing new. Try duct tape, Burt's Bees hand salve, corn plasters/ointment etc. etc. If the corn is persistent some owners recommend a small operation where the tendon to the toe is cut so it becomes a sprung toe which means no pressure is put through it when walking. That's OK but it puts more pressure on the other toes and what happens if she gets a corn on one of those? I've been through nearly all the "remedies" in the last couple of years as my Grace has three corns on separate toes on one one of her front feet. It is now a case of managing
  20. I second that. Hopefully it's resource guarding but get him to the vets sooner rather than later
  21. The same here. Grace had the saline bag boot after she had her foot op. I used to put one of my old boot socks over the bag to give her a bit of grip.
  22. I agree. It took several months before Grace would walk wherever I wanted to walk with her, and even now over two years, later she'll occasionally decide that a short walk is enough and turn back home.
  23. Greyhounds respond to bribes and persuasion and like to give the impression that it was their idea to do something and not because they were told to do it. Are you shutting her in the crate or just putting her in the room with the crate door left open? I'll think you'll find most greyhound owners don't use crates but if you must use a crate put it in the room where you spend most of the day with her and leave the door open so she can decide if she wants to go in it or not. A week and a bit is not long and she'll still be getting used to her new life so continue with the alone training
  24. Set a routine and stick to it so he knows what happens next and knows you are coming back. In my case I make sure I'm ready to leave with shoes and coat on, keys in my pocket etc. I give Grace her Kong on her bed, say "see you later" and go. If I forget to give her the Kong she doesn't settle the same if I don't leave immediately.
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