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  1. Our girl counter surfed into some cupcakes, had some diarrhea that night. It seemed to be fine the next day, but now 2 days later, she's started have diarrhea again. I fasted her for 12 hours, then gave chicken and rice this morning. Now her poop isn't even poop, it's either clear liquid or yellow mucus-y bits. I don't know if I just need to keep her on the bland diet for longer. She has been acting completely normal, still runs around, plays with us, wants attention, etc. But now she's needing to go out every 2 hours, instead of 3 times a day like usual. I would've taken her to the vet if it wasn't that we just spent a months pay over 'nothing', so I'm reluctant to bring her again just to be told to feed her a bland diet and wait 😓
  2. My girl is prone to tearing skin when running, and I've been recommended by a few people to use vet wrap prior to letting her run. How do you do this?? We have a 'greydate' coming up and I really want to let her run without having to clean and bandage her up afterwords
  3. I can't tell if my girl is experiencing bloat or not. She will run around in circles for a few moments then stop. Her breathing gets harsh and she starts gagging but nothing comes up. I don't normally feed her anything, except a few tiny treats for good behavior, when we go outside in the morning because I know she wants to run around. It seemed after she caught her breath the gagging went away. Should I forgo all treats in the morning to avoid this? Or is it possibly just from running when it's so cold? It's currently 35°F
  4. Awesome thanks so much guys!! We won't be at this apartment much longer, year and a half max, and then we'll get a house. We're hoping to get a younger dog so hopefully won't have any major health issues to worry about before moving. If it does though, my husband could easily take the dog up or down, just not everytime if the dog freezes at the stairs for potty or walks 😂 The stairs are wooden, not slick, outside and closed so it should be okay from what I'm hearing. All the advice certainly helps and I'll reach out to adoption agency I'm wanting to go through and let them know my living situation.
  5. So I've heard greyhounds are great for apartments, which is great as that's my living situation right now. Unfortunately I'm on the third floor! I've heard some greyhounds pick it up quickly and some take some time, but we don't really have time to train a greyhound up and down the stairs if it means they won't get in the home or outside to potty 😬 The adoption agencies that are near don't foster, but is it possible to ask them to train the greyhound were interested in adopting? Or getting the dog accustomed to stairs at least? I don't know if that's an appropriate thing to ask of a kennel
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