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  1. We did that too from the internal medicine dr and apparently it didnt rid him completely so this is kind of a last resort at this point
  2. Yes, weve been keeping up with the deworming. He was taking a tablet every two weeks for 3 months and is now onto a once monthly tablet. I thought at first maybe it was that, but he took it at the beginning of the month so I dont think thats the cause of his current issues. Regarding seeking a new vet, weve been to multiple which is why the bills are so high. One for regular check ups, an internal medicine specialist, and a dentist for the tooth. Im not sure seeking a new vet would provide any additional information at this point. All of them have said his blood work is normal, the extrac
  3. We adopted our dog in August. He has always been a big mushy boy who likes to sleep and cuddle. He has always had an appetite and goes on walks no problem. When we adopted him he had hook worms and a dead tooth (we found out later). Since we got him weve had trouble with his stool. Its always been diarrhea and sometimes blood mixed in. We had a few good weeks where everything looked normal. We figured it was the worms and the meds. We got the tooth removed and ended up needing to go back since the first surgery opened and became infected. The past week he has been acting strange
  4. Hi all. Im super new to this community and greyhounds so my apologies if any of this is stupid or simple to more experienced owners. We adopted our first retired greyhound just about a month ago. Hes a neutered (and house trained) 2.5 yo male. He had surgery for a broken leg that led to his early retirement. When we first brought him home, he was the gentelist, most docile dog Ive ever encountered. I know stress/anxiety would make him a little subdued,so I wasnt concerned that he had no interest in toys or activities. Every week, hes opened up more and more. Hes finally wagging
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