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  1. is it possible to get DOSTACOS name back?
  2. my first SHINEY dog was dear ROK N CONRAD. He had three strikes male big and black. [okay he also had 10 pages of allergies ] BUT he won our hearts, loved his SHINEY coat. now we have FELTON JO, only 2 strikes male and black not huge [okay he was supposed to be cat friendly] still this booger has beat my dear wife into total submission
  3. Most greys [at least mine] are not big a barking, at least AFTER they leave the kennel. If you wonder what gets them barking at the kennel, that would be FELTON! l admit it is mostly at the cat.... as we finished up our first week, he not only barks, but he also roos the the sirens on theTV. He refuses to eat anywhere BUT in his crate. The boy was wandering around and looked up, he was on the couch. The goal is my wife and FELTON on the couch with BUTTON the cat on the back....well some day
  4. well FELTON REFUSES to eat unless his bowl is in his crate, he spends lots of time in there with the door open ...unless button is out then door shut. He is doing much better walking with me. He is also our first barker, l do NOT want to his greyhound scream of death. The neighbors will drop a dime on us. He is a hard leaner when he is getting pet. It is hot so he and l go out early. so far all he has gone is sniff the yard, rabbits and squirrels and birds OH MY
  5. yes button is the cat, she is still comfortable bumping noses but Felton is on a leash my DW will NEVER give up breaking Felton's cat lust
  6. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0nZMQrGxPLh0o1GdNXkMGPAlw
  7. I used to be dostacos, but could not sign in so l created a new account. my first grey was QUEEN, she had a huge tumor in the shoulder was not fixable, when she fractured through it had had to put it down, next we got CONRAD, a big black boy, his cat would actual clean his ears. He ended up with an inoperable tumor so big his quality of living was gone. The boy was a great rooer, caught TWO tree squirrels then we brought home MIGHTY EXACTA. never racer never bred, and arrived "heavy with child" as the bible would say. she delivered 8 pups and was renamed BISBEE. we only had her 7 months, 4 of which we spent trying to find out why she had swollen lymph nods. turns out liver and spleen cancer, spots on lungs and inoperable. with new rules about adopting from lawsuits regarding the closing the tacts i Florida we had a long wait last night we FINALLY picked up FELTON. he is SUPPOSED to be cat friendly well....he is a smaller black boy and button gets his undivided attention. We have visited every week for months so we are gonna work on cat friendly doggie stuff. My dear wife [before marriage] NAMED all my gold fish before l could tell her they were food for my real fish. returning FELTON WILL NOT be returned. now pardon me while l get some pictures to post
  8. my beautiful girl BISBEE, had a 'ridge neck' sadly she came down with cancer liver spleen etc. did not have her long enough to get pictures
  9. my need for booties is hot driveways/pavement. l know they walk funny at least for a while how soon do they get used to it? Has anyone tried making holes to allow the nails to be outside the bootie? l am in so cal cold and/or wet is not a problem.
  10. Twogirls


    We found Bisbee had swollen salivary glands. 3 biopsies then a referral for a cat scan then to a surgeon. Treatment failure so she was going to have the gland removed. preop ultrasound found liver and spleen filled with cancer. now my girl is at the rainbow bridge
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