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  1. my first, Queen, waited until they were in the yard...then off to the races My second, Conrad, saw them before they were in the yard then off to the races. Oh and he got 2 tree squirrels My third, Bisbee, well she stayed as far away as possible then bark. the first 2 only raced a few times the third never raced and showed up at the adoption group with a litter Felton, my current won 25% of his races and caught a rabbit, but we do not seem to have many squirrels all but Felton got along with the cat, he thinks he is from the planet MELMACK and like A.L.F. think they ar
  2. thundershirts http://www.greyhoundsonly.com/greyhounds-only-store/health-and-wellness/532-thundershirt has worked for my greys...
  3. FELTON is our best racer, he actually won 25% of his races. Well he was SUPPOSED to be cat safe... ah not so much, like A.L.F. from the planet MELMACK, he wants to eat the cat. so he was off to doggie bootcamp, he returned yesterday after 3 weeks and BOY he is great, we have an e collar and he is doing much better. the trainer has a cat and the cat gave him the cold shoulder when in the crate or out, so we have high hopes for leaving button alone. Felton did get a bunny in the bushed in his potty run, but my DW plans on dog save bunny bad plants. Button walked by when felton was crated w
  4. if your greyhound is ROOING to the firetruck and or or police sirens. the SOMEBODY has a problem
  5. so the weeds are turning brown and getting ready to wack. Felton has a run on one side of the house. The normal action is running to the far end to look out on the street below, then run back and forth a few times then want back in. My DW asks him if he did his business? He tilts his head back and forth, then goes back and takes care of business. Well the other night he turns RIGHT and dives into the weeds and comes up with a BUNNY. DW got him to drop it and #3 son moves him out to feed others, birds, or coyotes or others OH MY
  6. leave the cheap tip on the credit card and leave cash that they do not have to report. The IRS are KNOWN for tipping low knowing the wait staff must declare a greater amount than they leave. not all of them. DW worked for for IRS CID, they were cool...unless they caught you doing a fraud
  7. Can't you just HEAR that dog on the commercial "I would do it myself but i've got no thumbs!" DW brought me lunch [she does NOT let me in th kitchen in my wheelie chair] using a pot holder that still had the thumb, [it is one that is not flat, but more like a kermit the frog hand puppet] she said it is her favorite and the ONLY way they should be made. She also HIDES it from FELTON
  8. So my DW puts the boy out during the day to his run. She puts him out, he runs around and when he returns, she asks "did you do your business?" He tilts his head back and forth then trots back to actually do what he needs to. Sometimes she is a tad slow on asking if he needs to go out, she knows because she finds SOMETHING he dragged into his crate. One of his favorite item are my DW's pot holders. She asked me why he only chews of the thumb part. SILLY girl because dogs do not HAVE ANY THUMBS.
  9. yes he did, CONRAD seems to have removed the squirrels so FELTON is left chasing bunny foo foo
  10. so what to you get when you combine a high prey greyhound and a small rabbit? hysterical wife screaming at FELTON to drop the rabbit. I think he wanted to add it to his stuffy toys in his create no greyhounds were hurt...the rabbit well think the circle of life
  11. and thank you for that warm fuzzy thought. We just had a couple of days of "heavy" rain [ for So Cal that means an actual rain not sprinkles] this morning we go out and he runs to the pine tree and finds a nice spot with a good smell and drops a load. Followed by serious wind sprints, did l say he is faster than all my previous greys? he won 25% of his races, so after he has a nice puff of visible breath, drops and starts digging then when he hit dry, plop goes his bottom into the hole pleased as he could be
  12. so felton has his morning romp at about 8AM. He gets a drink, then pee/poop usually followed my serious sniff fest to track critters in HIS yard. In the last week he has also done zoomies. This morning for the first time he ended with a furious digging. Oh, FELTON is the best racer we have had and WOW he is fast
  13. is it possible to get DOSTACOS name back?
  14. my first SHINEY dog was dear ROK N CONRAD. He had three strikes male big and black. [okay he also had 10 pages of allergies ] BUT he won our hearts, loved his SHINEY coat. now we have FELTON JO, only 2 strikes male and black not huge [okay he was supposed to be cat friendly] still this booger has beat my dear wife into total submission
  15. Most greys [at least mine] are not big a barking, at least AFTER they leave the kennel. If you wonder what gets them barking at the kennel, that would be FELTON! l admit it is mostly at the cat.... as we finished up our first week, he not only barks, but he also roos the the sirens on theTV. He refuses to eat anywhere BUT in his crate. The boy was wandering around and looked up, he was on the couch. The goal is my wife and FELTON on the couch with BUTTON the cat on the back....well some day
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