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  1. Almost a year ago i adopted my greyhound, when we adopted him i noticed he had a crusty nose, vets just said it was properly due to poor kennel diet and it would improve over time. Nearly a year has passed and his nose is still the same, sometimes the skin flakes off in big chunks and his nose looks normal again, but then it always goes back to being hard and crusty. I've tried changing his diet, oil and ointments and nothing seems to work... he doesn't seem to be in discomfort but it can't be very pleasant for him! Does anyone else have this problem/ know what it could be? here is a l
  2. That makes sense! Sometimes if I walk at a faster pace he his much more tired afterwards, even if the walk is shorter. Of course I know what zoomies are, they happen regularly in my house and garden!! Thats reassuring, thank you!
  3. I've had my greyhound for nearly two months now, he's been settling in well - however he has recently become more hyper (hes nearly two so still quite young) I was told how lazy and calm greyhounds where and the adoption kennels told me not to be put off by a young hound as they where also calm! I work as a dog walker so my greyhound sometimes gets up to three hours of walking a day. He used to be super calm during the walks but has recently started lunging at other dogs, barking and jumping around. Even after he's had three hours of walking when I get home he charges around the house throw
  4. I forgot to mention - he sleeps through the night no problems.
  5. Hi everyone, I've had my 2yr old greyhound for just over three weeks now. Monday to Thursday he comes to work with me, i usually put him in his crate around 11/11.30pm for bedtime. He usually wakes up around 7.30am each day to be let out to go to the toilet, I then give him his breakfast around 7.45/8am each day. On the weekends i do this then shut him in the living room using a baby gate. I then try to go back to sleep - sometimes he'll whine just a little bit then go back to bed again, however recently after i've gone back to bed he'll whine and howl intermittently for 5/10 minuets at a
  6. Thank you! Thats reassuring to know that Tessa had a similar reaction Congrats on your new addition! How's he been settling in?
  7. Thanks for that! I spoke to my vet and they said i could try taking him off the anti inflammatory, since doing that he has settled down today
  8. He was kept in kennels for nearly a month, then prior to arriving to the kennels he was kept outside in (UK) Ireland as he never actually made it to the tracks to race. The drugs he's on are Rilexine and Rimadyl.. Hes on Rilexine and Rimadyl, i'm not really sure about the side effects for those drugs. I know i feel really bad for him, all been a bit of a trauma! Thank you! Congratulations on your new addition
  9. I'm a very new hound owner and I adopted my 2 year old greyhound on Saturday... i've had some settling in issues which id love some advice for. When he arrived home on Saturday he was super chilled out from the get go wasn't needy or whiney and slept the whole night with no disturbance. (He gets crated at night.) I'm currently keeping him confined to the living room using a baby gate as I have two cats and i'm trying to get them all used to each other. So far so good. On Saturday evening I noticed that the end of his tail looked black and rotten with blood coming out the tip, so i planned on t
  10. New greyhound advice

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