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  1. I have used a Banfield back when I was in Corpus. I loved the vets (husband and wife) and the techs. I can say I went to a few vets in Corpus and found tBanfield to be the most helpful and caring. Here in San Antonio I use a regular vet practice and not Banfield. I have not found a Banfield here that I like or have the same caring/helpful with. It depends on the vets and techs at each place to me more than the name. Jennifer and the crew
  2. So sorry for your loss, know that they are together again.
  3. Just seeing this. Pablo was a special guy, we all loved on him.
  4. Hi and welcome from San Antonio. Carlton is a very handsome boy. Congrats on adopting him. HOT is a greyt group, that is where my guys have come from. You should come to the HOT Fair in October. Jennifer and the crew
  5. Two of our get on the couch. They know as soon as we say off, that means move. Our other two dont even really try or are not interested. Bilbo is the only one allowed on the bed, but he doesn't even get on it anymore. I have to ask him to get on wiht me. Jennifer and the crew
  6. Hello from San Antonio. Stop by a show n tail and say hi. Farrah is a cutie! Jennifer and the crew
  7. Hello from San Antonio, TX. CTW Buffalo Bill (Bilbo) says CTW is the way to go. Jennifer and the crew
  8. dopey459

    My Jack

    My Bear passed on the 22nd, Christmas was not the same as well. Many hugs to you. Jennifer and the crew
  9. Bear passed away on Monday morning. He had been battling an unknown illness for about a month. Many tests and things later still no certain diagnoses. He is now running happy and free. Bear was very much my husband’s dog. When my DH was away one summer before we were married Bear spent the summer making me miserable. He would have the occasional accident, then he would have them everyday. I took him to the vet praying for a UTI, he came back clean. The vet said it was behavioral. Once my DH came back the accidents stopped. He also started out crate free in life. He was great until he fou
  10. I am sorry for your loss, there is never enough time with them. Raisin Bran is running free and happy free of any pain. Jennifer and the crew
  11. dopey459


    Prissy past away this morning. It was un-expected to some of us, but my grandma knew it was almost her time. Prissy was 14 years old and very much like her name. She was a Pomeranian and always had lots of hair. I remember the first time I saw her with one of her hair cuts, if anyone laughed she gave a very graceful eat poop look. Prissy will be missed by my grandma and great-grandmother the most they were a team. Jennifer and the crew
  12. dopey459


    Diane, I am so sorry for your loss. She is running free now. Jennifer and the crew
  13. dopey459


    When we lived in Corpus one of the first dogs we met was Sasha. We became great friends with Sasha's "housekeeper and kibble provider" Ken was one of Phillips groomsmen at the wedding. Sasha was a very hussy Husky, and very much an Alpha Bitch. She was in love with Bilbo always giving him kisses, but well she did have a few boyfriends. She did not care for Bear that much so we couldn't bring the boys over to Kens place after we got Bear. Sasha did have spay incontinence, Ken tried a few things to help but they affected other things, so she lived without meds, and Ken never really seemed to min
  14. I am so sorry. Run free Rob Roy. Jennifer
  15. Congratulations on your addition! We cant wait to see pictures of your pupper. Jennifer and the crazy crew
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