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  1. Completely agree with Macoduck. Have the Amicar on hand ( you can order it from Roadrunner Pharmacy in Phoenix, AZ), not at all expensive from them. It is normally started 3 days before and goes 3 days after. And also have, or ask the Vet if they have Yunnan Baiyao on hand. I also had an older greyhound who went into uncontrolled bleeding from a dental, one molar extractions, and bled for 10 hours. Had two blood transfusions. The Emergency Vet used Yunnan Baiyao, and I had the Amicart. She said they did not know how or why it worked, but it is an ancient Chinese blood treatment. It will
  2. I am working through the same issue with a very young gh just off of a farm 10 days. Greyhound Gang In UT suggests these holistic drops. "FEAR", I have tried this. https://greyhoundgang.com/collections/all-holistic and I also am trying CBD oil, per other discussions in this group to assure myself that is safe for a gh. There's some positive posts in here re this treatment. Personally have not used it more than a couple of times. A person I know swears by this for his previously abused dog and uses it daily. He said it completely changed her. His dog begins her day with a li
  3. I have been using Get Up and Go from https://www.greyhoundgang.org I had at first bought just the small containers, then went ahead and got the bags for refills. I do use all 4 recommended items, but the MSM and Vitamin C only about 1/2 the time. The lady who has this site has a good bit of information regarding this subject. I started this on older hounds a few years ago and it seemed to work quite well. I now use it on my two newest (3 & 4 year old) hounds. Sadly I no longer have my elderly pack :-(
  4. In my personal opinion bandages should be changed every 2-3 days. No matter what the reason for the bandage. I have a little girl who was bandaged by an incompetent vet with the opinion 'it will heal thyself'. Maybe. It will rot first, then heal in a broken, crooked or disjointed position. Get a second opinion, get it properly corrected, and cross the first vet off your list.
  5. Hi I'm wondering if anyone has a grey with changing skin color ? My new fawn girl, a very light color,is very light skinned and every once in awhile she gets very dark on her stomach and inner rear legs. I have had bleeders before so this occasionally worries me. It does not seem to bother her at all. She currently is recovering from a broken hock but no longer on any meds.I'd post a pic but doesn't appear to be a way to do that. I am new to this forum
  6. My Vet suggested a simple piece of gauze, wrapped around index fingers, and rub the gums and around the teeth. Soft rub, usually gets most stuff off and keeps gums massaged. One of mine can never have a dental again, he hemorraghed for 10 hours !! after a molar was pulled, and sent home... They said it may 'seep'. 500 mL of plasma later. And a very heroic Emergency Hospital.
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