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  1. They look similar to the one I have which is great! It's a great price too! Thank you
  2. Looking for house collar recommendations! I just noticed her house collar seems to rubbing her fur off. I love her collar (the color stops people from asking if she’s a boy as much, has a boomerang tag, and it’s reflective for our early am walks), but it seems even the collar part (not just tags) are rubbing. I believe in keeping a collar on her, just in case (and also per adoption papers that she wear a collar). Does anyone have a house collar that they love that doesn’t rub? Pink and/or reflective is a bonus! Also, it would be great if it would stay on when she bends her head down, even this
  3. I've been making peanut butter and pumpkin dog treats. I wanted to make them look a little fancier, since I may be giving some out at Christmas. It looks like most of the white icings are yogurt and need refrigeration, have sugar, or have white chocolate. I saw some recipes use carob, which is ok for dogs to have. Has anyone made their own treat icing that has some tips? Carob powder vs carob chips, is small amounts of white chocolate or candy coating (like candy melts) ok to use since the bakery style treats have it? Thank you so much!!!!
  4. Vet said he thinks it's something she may have been born with. Its like an adhesion on the eye, I believe he said it's a posterior synechiae, but it's not affecting her vision. Also did a blood test to check for high cholesterol, since that can also cause deposits in the eyes sometimes, but it came back normal. Said he can recheck to make sure not changing in 6 weeks.
  5. I did make an appointment for tomorrow. I called and asked the vet who saw her in August with the adoption group, but they said they didn't have anything out of the ordinary in her chart.
  6. No, it looks like it's inside the eye, rubbing it doesn't do anything.
  7. I just noticed this...extra vein type thing in her one eye in the sun yesterday. I went back through pictures and it's been there since we got her a month and a half ago. From what I can tell from the pictures, it hasn't changed, but I also don't normally take pictures of just her eyes! Is this a normal thing, or is it something to be worried about? Thank you! IMG_9167 In the sun IMG_9181 Dark outside today, so used a flashlight to illuminate.
  8. She's really giving it to me now because I made princess hat to with it. I'm still getting a bit of stink eye even with holding a treat for the picture. IMG_8900
  9. Thanks! We were actually at the dog park, but we just got our own fence 2 days ago and it's pretty similar:)
  10. I've already posted a few questions here and on the Facebook page, so I'm a little late doing our introduction. My husband and I both had a dog while growing up. Together, we had a chow/shepherd mix that we adopted from the pound. We had her for 13 years before she passed. When we started looking at adopting another dog, my husband mentioned a greyhound. When we saw Jungle's picture on one of the adoption groups websites, my kids said 'that's our dog' and wouldn't stop talking about her. We went to a meet and greet, and everyone fell in love with her. We adopted Jungle (aka CTW Man
  11. She's beautiful! We're from Ohio too, but down towards Cincinnati.
  12. Thanks for all the advice! The vet said it was ok to give her an Imodium AD, so she hasn't gone again, but her stomach is still gurgling. I gave her some plain oatmeal, small amounts, twice now. The last time I mixed a little of her kibble in (maybe 1/8 cup) because she wouldn't eat the oatmeal and kept nosing her food container. They offered to put her on a RX, started with an M, maybe Metronidazole? I'm hoping it clears up on it's own. If she still has it tomorrow, I'll get the RX.
  13. Thanks! I did give it to her without food. I'll try it with a full belly next time
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