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  1. We're moving, and left the house a week ago. Oky, age 6 (stud rescue from mill,not fmr racer) hated the ride,but was fine. We stayed with "daddy" at an Airbnb for a few days, before making 2nd half of trip (each was 550mi before detours) down to GA to spend break with my kids. My littlest had stress ...poops. for about 24 hrs. 2 doses of pepto and fasted, she was right as rain fairly quickly. Oly, he was fine until we got down here, where hes never been, cats normally live here but are relocated during visit (he's cat safe, the cats were born feral so still very skiddish) I, or my
  2. I'm Lexy, mom to 3 yr old rescue (a stud, non-recurring, we don't k ow why he and his bitch ended up at a shelter b4 a greyhound rescue.) He came home forever the last weekend of March, after 20+ YEARS of waiting!!! (wanted one since was still in HS, just never was in right place and time for proper home til now) My husband and I live in Nowhere, Nebraska, we've also a 9# Pom-Chi named Bazinga, aka Spazzy Bazzy, who hates does, and is not a dog. She is a mongoose/door bell/maybe a free range sugar glider, and thinks she's at least as big as a Mastiff (I've seen her try to take one on!)
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