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  1. Hi all, I am hopping on this thread in hopes that someone with experience with Trazodone can give me some advice. Pepper is 5, and we adopted her 1.5 years ago. She had noise anxiety when we got her, but it has gotten much worse in the past few months (and now we are in storm season in Florida). She used to just go lay down and not want to move when she heard thunder or fireworks, but now, she also pants and shivers, and then she is mopey and uninterested in moving, eating, going outside, etc., for at least a day or two afterward (she also peed in the house during one storm, which is very unus
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I should add two things: we do the back turned, arms crossed thing until she calms down. But on the rare occasions when nipping happens (maybe once every two-three weeks), we ignore her until she calms down, and then when we turn around and start walking, she gets excited again, and that's when the nip happens. I will try the toy thing! Second, when I did catch her peeing and successfully interrupted her, I took her outside and she finished peeing out there. It's the interruption that was difficult, because my efforts at making noise to stop her were not successful
  3. I just wanted to update in case someone comes across this thread looking for info: we ended up returning the Thundershirt, because it didn't seem to have any effect on Pepper. As an alternative, we are working on some sound desensitization using youtube Thunderstorm sounds played through the stereo and pigs ears to chew on whenever we play the sounds. We started out with the sound very low and she is tolerating louder and louder sessions, so I think we are making progress! She also did really well in Hurricane Irma. The only time she got really freaked out was when the transformer blew
  4. Hi all, we've had Pepper for about 9 months, and I have been working on positive reinforcement training (using Sue Ailsby's Training Levels). She's doing great, and she rarely misbehaves. Because of that, we don't have a good way of stopping her when she does misbehave. We've encountered two issues: 1) Occasionally, when she is very excited (like if we come home after an unusually long day), she nips at us as she greets us. I have been working on training her to move to her bed after we come in, where we then go and pet her; however, when the nipping happens, it occurs before we get to tha
  5. Hi all, we received Pepper's thundershirt today and the XL fits great! I'll report back in a few weeks about whether we've had any success with it.
  6. Thanks for your replies, everyone! I checked and my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond didn't have them either, so I ordered one today - based on your suggestions, I went with the XL.
  7. Hi all, we are having some noise anxiety issues with our Grey and are going to try a Thundershirt. I haven't found one locally, so I'm going to order it, but I'm not sure what size to get. The Thundershirt FAQs only give the size chart in weight. She is a 75lb female with a chest circumference of 30.5" Can anyone give me any info about the sizes you've used with your Greyhounds? Thanks!
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