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  1. Thank you!! She's just got such wee little legs!! I love them so much haha Thank you for the follow!! Awesome, I"ll check that out! Thank you so much I'll check those out too! I've tried finding her siblings with Greyhound Data and google searches, I know she has a brother that was adopted out in the east and that one of her sisters is doing really well and is still racing. But I haven't found anything more concrete than those sort of vague things. But I'll for sure check out those facebook groups!
  2. Haha thank you! She's actually pretty small for a female, she's about 57 pounds but she's got short little legs! I've seen that! I know who her siblings are, I'm just hoping that by posting on here I might be able to get in touch with their adopters
  3. Hello! I haven't been on here in a long while (a couple years I think, I might do an update thread or something!), but the other day I was on Reddit and saw a thread of someone looking for the litter mates of their adopted grey so they could sort of talk about them together and such! One of the comments linked back to this site as the best likely place to find a relative and I thought that seemed like a wonderful idea and figured I'd give it a shot too! The sire is Flying Train and the dam WWK Tostitos! They were born 7/28/2014. My girls racing name was Kay Kay Hollow, and I got her just over three years ago! There were six total in the litter including Dory, and I think all but two have been adopted out? I'm not sure where the others are, I think one is out east, but maybe I can get in touch with my fellow dog parents and share pictures and such! I would love to hear about Dory's siblings Here is the obligatory Dory photo! (she also has an instagram if you guys wanna follower her! she's @dorythegreyhound) (I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place or not allowed, I wasn't sure but let me know and I can delete this! I just thought that it would be fun to check out!)
  4. Dory has always really struggled with the heat, and having moved back down to Phoenix where the temperature averages anywhere between 5 to 15 degrees above a hundred, she's been having a hard time. She's started to get heat rash on her belly/butt, and while it doesn't seem to bother her Dory never shows any signs of discomfort when somethings bothering her. I know it's not a major health concern unless it gets infected, so I've been keeping a careful eye on it/icing it when she's down for a nap, but I was wondering if any of you guys know some better ways to help take care of it?
  5. Do you try and feed him his food on the floor or does he have a tall feeder? Some people will feed their greys on the floor or they will feed it a foot or two off the floor. From my understanding there isn't any true medical difference other and really it boils down to owner/dog preference. He might like eating his food a little higher up, if you haven't tried it. That's only my first guess though. I'm sure the more experienced members on here could offer more suggestions!
  6. This is probably a really stupid question... but what is GIG? Sorry, I'm a new greyhound owner so I don't know many of the get together events that go on, but this looks like a lot of fun!
  7. Dory has free access to water 24/7. I remember some people suggesting taking water away a few hours before bedtime, but I haven't tried that since I feel so bad that she gets so hot. She really can't handle the heat at all. Is that something that I should try though? Her day schedule is still the same, and her night schedule is pretty much the same as well, with when we go to bed just a little bit later than usual. You could be right, although I feel I try to pay extra attention to her here. I let her out very often throughout the day, so accidents in the house during the day are definitely on the rare side, and they've gotten a lot better but it still occasionally happens. It's mainly at night that we're struggling now. I've taken her to my moms new apartment and she never had any accidents there, and she also slept through the night. It's only at my Dad's place. The room that I'm staying in she hadn't ever stayed in before (she wasn't allowed to go into certain rooms when I first adopted her because of her accidents) so I don't think it's smell. When I first got her, even taking her out every two hours, if I wasn't watching her she'd pee (after already peeing). At one point we had even left the door open for her to go in and out as she pleased, to see if that would help, and she still had an accident inside. I took her to the vet to test to see if she had a UTI, but the vet said she was clean as a whistle. She's always been weird in regards to having accidents at weird times, and this has been our biggest obstacle with training.
  8. I've had issues with Dory since I got her in regards to potty training, and while she's doing much better, I still have to keep a close eye on her, especially in different places. Really what I'm hoping I can get some tips on is sleeping in different places through the night. In my apartment, she can sleep on her bed/my bed through the night and not whine or cry or have any accidents. I (somehow) managed this by using diapers, and weaning her off of them, and now she's a-okay through the night, from 9/9:30 to about 7 in the morning. However, when we go and visit my parents, where we were living when I first got her, she still has accidents. She'll still pee on the rug if we aren't paying attention to her, and she'll pee on the carpet in the room I stay in or, on the very rare occasion, will start crying in the middle of the night. In that case, I get up and let her outside, but just a few hours later she'll either try peeing again or will cry again to be let out. Part of it I think is that it's really hot in Phoenix, where my parents live, and so she drinks more water so she needs to go more?? I tried using the diaper again, but she actually peed through it, which she hadn't ever actually done before. Either way, I was wondering if you guys had any similar issues and advice on how to try and work around it so she'll be okay through the night? We visit family a lot and I feel extremely guilty whenever she has an accident and I don't manage to catch her in time.
  9. I'm not completely comfortable adding my own two cents, considering I've only had Dory for a year (come June) but for anyone researching or just looking for peoples experiences, I'll toss them into the pot anyway. Dory was absolutely awful when I first got her. I could honestly say that she was the worst dog that I had ever had the experience of spending time with, she was terrible. She absolutely hated her crate and would scream like a banshee for hours on end. I didn't sleep for the first week, constantly waking up from her whining and taking her outside at 4 in the morning to go to the bathroom. She wasn't potty trained at all, and even if the door was open for her to go outside she would still go in the house. She could pee outside and five minutes after being let back in she would go again on the rug. When I moved for school into an apartment, she started getting zooms and then vomiting all over the carpet. She didn't listen to any commands and refused to learn any basic obedience, no matter what kind of smelly treat I had. She didn't like to cuddle, she didn't like being touched. At one point, she got out of her crate and destroyed my entire bedroom, ripping up pillows and clothes, pooping and peeing on the carpet (and then spreading it everywhere, including my bed and the walls). I couldn't trust her alone, and would have to put her in her crate even when I showered. When we went to dog parks she refused to play with any of the dogs and completely ignored everyone and everything, simply walking the perimeter and sniffing the grass. I was 20 at the time, 21 now, and it was extremely difficult for me to deal with her. I knew in the first few days when the problems started that I wanted to return her for a different grey. In all my research, all three years of it, I had been expecting a dog who would be a) potty trained, if aloof, calm and quiet yet still affectionate and c) would be a great companion. And Dory was none of those things. I wanted what I had been looking for, and she wasn't it. But my family stood by me and held me to the commitment that I had made when I adopted her. They offered advice where they could, and told me to keep trying. To keep working with her. And they told me what many of these awesome people are saying here - 'It takes time. It takes patience. Give her more time.' And Momma never raised no quitter, so I kept trying. Months went by and, while some of those things got better, many of them didn't. We're still working on potty training to this day, and now she's only in her crate when I have to leave the apartment for more than half an hour and she'll happily go in and out. She knows sit, stay, shake, down, and come (but lets be honest, those are only when she really feels like it) and doesn't destroy anything that she knows isn't her toys. Dory is still learning how to cuddle but she'll sleep in the bed with me, and follow me from room to room and curl up next to me on whatever piece of furniture I'm sitting on. And at dog parks?? She has a best friend that she chases the passing buses with, and loves to run around and greet all the people. Are we soul mates? No, I don't think so. We're still forming our bond, but she knows that I'm her person, and I know that she's my dog. And it took months of hard work and tears to get to this point. And I'm really happy that I did because now I have my adorable, awful problem child, who doesn't know how to roach properly, and runs in her sleep, and can't awoo but she'll stare at me when I try, and pouts when there isn't enough room for her on the couch. I wouldn't have learned any of these things if I hadn't given her time. And really, if you're looking at adopting any type of dog, not even a greyhound, you need to be willing to devote time, money, and have a hell of a lot of patience. Any dog could have these kinds of issues. And it's the responsibility of the caretaker to work with them on these issues, to help them and love them, teach them to grow. I'm sorry that you weren't able to devote that kind of time and effort into your boy. I'm glad that you were able to accept that and let him go to a home that could work with him on his issues. I hope that you have more luck with your next dog, if you decide to try again. In my experience, as hard as it was, I'm really glad that I stuck through it, because I got an amazing dog at the end.
  10. It can take a long time! It took quite a few weeks to get Dory up on the couch, and months to get her on the bed. When she first started getting on the couch we couldn't sit next to her or she would get up and move off the couch and onto the floor, and once on the bed if you moved/shifted she'd jump off. After almost a year she still hesitates to get on the bed/couch and only does if I invite her, but she'll sleep with me through the night, and the couch is her best friend. She'll actually move couches to lay next to me if I got to a different one than she is on. So I think a big part is time and getting him used to such retirement comforts, and letting him know that it's okay. But thats just my experience with Dory! Someone else might have more insight than I do c:
  11. I might definitely look into that then... When I refer to running I mean dog parks/when we go hiking and she gets a chance to run around a little bit. I think the main reason I haven't switched to a harness yet (other than none of them fitting her right...) was I'm not used to using one and wasn't sure how much of a hassle putting it on and taking it off would be. Oh those are super cute!! I'll definitely add it to my list, I have probably 20 collars lined up that I want to get Dory, but I can only afford one right now @-@ So trying to find an all time favorite/one that won't rub off all of her fur. Easy walk harness?? I'll look that one up too! And I'll start searching etsy for velvet/satin lined martingales. I know my family has an old martingale that our past lab used, I might switch to that for a little while, though its a bit big for her.
  12. That looks really nice - I only worry about it chafing behind her elbows when she runs. Do you notice that in your dogs at all?? It's kind of a mix between leaning and pulling - she isn't actively trying to pull away or to move away when we stop, but she moves just far enough that the leash/collar is pulled taunt and is snug around her neck. It's the weirdest thing, and I've tried correcting it with heel but she's a stubborn little thing, and if I'm not actively watching her/staring at her she'll just sloooooowly start to walk away until it's tight again. Either way, I think I'll try that on our hike today and see how she does! She does have a bald butt and belly, much to my family's endless amusement, but I know that the bald neck came from her collar as she didn't have it before. So I know the collar caused it! I'm hoping that it will grow back, I've left her collar off for a couple of days except for when we went outside, and it's definitely growing back (if really slowly) but it wont matter if I put the collar back on and it just rubs off again
  13. I'll definitly look ion Etsy! What harness would you suggest?? Most of the harness's that I've tried on her have fit super awkwardly because of her being so narrow with such a deep chest.
  14. This might be in the wrong place, sorry if it is! But I was wondering what kind of collars you guys use for your greys? I'm having an issue with Dory's collar right now. It's a plain black martingale from petsmart, and it works okay, but she's a leaner. She likes to lean against the leash/collar so its snug around her neck, and I haven't really been able to train that out of her. It doesn't seem to hurt her, but the problem I'm having is that it's rubbing all the fur off her neck. The front of her throat is almost completely bald, as well as two spots behind her ears from where the martingale tightens. I know that it isn't the end of the world but it makes me feel bad :/ Do you guys have any better collar suggestions or tips on how to stop this?
  15. Wow, he is so cute!! I'm pretty new here too, howdy from me and Dory!
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