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  1. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice / personal experiences regarding my foster, as none of my grey's or other fosters have been in this situation. He has had one of his load bearing toes amputated off one of his front paws (about a month ago i believe). I've noticed that when we go for a walk he'll start limping on that paw not long after we start and sometime he'll stumble, as that leg gives out briefly, every few walks. I've examined the paw for corns, cuts, foreign bodies and swellings etc but i've not seen anything abnormal. Has anyone who's grey has had a weight bearing toe am
  2. Hi Guys, I’m looking for some advice on food aggression. My GAP agency has asked me to work with a 2-year-old boy who has already had 2 other foster family’s and failed his collar assessment three times now, over the same two issues. He is the most beautiful boy who is a big teddy bear and wants to cuddle 24/7, however, has food aggression and small dog issues. The excitement over small dogs I’ve experienced with other fosters, however, I’ve never had a dog (grey or other breeds) who has demonstrated food aggression / guarding. He demonstrated food aggression at his first foster home
  3. I had the same issue with Jazz when we first got her. My other half always slept through Jazz’s wake up calls and couldn’t understand why I was tired and frustrated. I was told by my GAP association, the early mornings are ingrained from early morning track work and feeding! It has been a year now and instead of pacing around the room from 5am, Jazz now sleeps through and won’t even get off her bed unless she knows I’m 100% getting up, not going to the bathroom or the closet. It’s quite funny as we have a foster at the moment who is the early riser and every morning she grumbles at his ear
  4. Trena.....i went through the same thing with Jazz and it was not fun! My partner is a heavy sleeper so would sleep through it and couldn't understand why i was a walking zombie every day! My dogs have always slept in the bedroom, they are not allowed on our bed and we don't crate (its not a big thing here in AUS). Jazz would do the same, go to bed, wake up, walk around the room (we have floorboards so you can imagine the noise), bed, wake up, walk around, nudge me, want to go outside, bed...........this went on for months! I am happy to report that she no longer does this (we've had her ne
  5. We lost Gin a couple of days after Christmas (2 months ago), it was a sudden and tragic accident that our other dog Jazz witnessed. Initially, Jazz went into shock and depression and didn't eat for a few days and just lay around but would go for walk. We tried to get our life back into a routine which was very hard as we realised our whole family revolved around Gin because he was just so loving and goofy. Jazz was very, very shy when we got her (would hide and not let people touch her) but had blossomed into a confident lady, however we started noticing she was reverting back into her she
  6. If you are able to, i'd suggest fostering, that way you can get a good idea of what the long term picture will be.
  7. Greytfish, totally understand how you feel! I'll preface this by saying that i foster greys and always have 2 at a time. I can honestly say you will never really know the personality of your grey until around a month or so from having them, you will get ideas and some do show you most of their personalities, but not all! I fell in love with one of my fosters and decided to adopt him, ironically my partner fell in love with the other grey we were fostering so adopted her as well. We had fostered them for 7 weeks and i thought i knew their personalities but after a few weeks our girl (wh
  8. Yes i saw the X-rays and you can see where the fracture was, the healing and the areas where the arthritis was affecting compared with the other wrist which was clean. The fracture was in May and the X-Rays were taken a month ago and according the Vet #2 had healed. I had read the threads on here before his surgery and objected to it, however, as he was a foster dog at that point i didn't have a say in the treatment. The pad is not infected or swollen currently (it was a long time after surgery so i have a base line to compare it with) and it is evident there is another corn there agai
  9. I apologise in advance for the long post! I’m looking for some advice or other people’s experiences around toe removal and limping. A few weeks into fostering Gin he started to limp and he was sent to the greyhound association vet who diagnosed a cut pad and gave him some cream. The cut was very minor and we didn’t believe this was the cause of the pain however accepted it. As he was put up for adoption a few weeks later he started to limp again and we took him back to the greyhound vet who said it was a very large corn and needed to be surgically removed. Whilst under they found a lar
  10. Hi All, We are starting to have a behaviour pattern emerge in our girl Jazz that we would like to help her with so it stops asap. Recently Jazz will snap, growl and bark at any dog (other than our boy Gin) who comes near her. She will allow a dog to sniff her but after around 30 seconds she launches. We have no issues with Gin who loves everyone, just her. She was very timid when we got her in April and didn’t like people other than us, however she has now blossomed into a people lover and will actively (albeit slightly hesitantly) seek people for cuddles (she is a cuddle monster!). I
  11. I switched both my dogs over to a Raw diet after I did some work for a pet food company and saw what actually went into the products and how little the nutritional value was, even the expensive vet recommended brands. That night I went home and donated all the food I had to charity and started mine on the raw diet. The change in my dogs is indescribable! My boy would not put weight on and had persistent dandruff and dull coat……he put on 3 kilos in 2 months and has the shiniest, clean coat. I found that it’s cheaper to make their food packages up than buy it from a company. I go to the
  12. Thanks everyone for your ideas! Yes it’s winter here but they both have pj’s, blankets, pillows and a single bed each (very spoilt!) and are warm so it’s not that. There are some possums in a tree a few doors down, which they have caught two of previously, so I do believe that they are waiting to see if a third makes the mistake of coming into the yard but not the primary reason for pacing. I think it could be perceived hunger pains, so will try the mini meal before bed and we do have the water squirt bottle for other behaviour, so I will trial it during the night along with the treat
  13. Hi All! As they say, long time follower of the forum, first time poster! :-) I’m just wondering if anyone else has issues with their grey’s walking around and pacing during the night? We have fostered a lot of greys and they all sleep in our bedroom, and have found that they all sleep the whole night through however wake up around 5am each morning, however after a few weeks start to learn to sleep in. I now have 2 retired greys, a girl Jazz, and boy Gin, who are both 3 years old who we fostered and could not let go (usual story!) and have had them for five months. Like our p
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