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  1. I interrupt the COVID-19 pandemic to bring you this lil tidbit..... Last night I went to Sam’s Club to buy a bag of food for my dogs. Already in line, a woman behind me asked me if I had a dog. I stared at her (those who know me and my facial expressions, know how I was looking at her 🤔😳) ...but then why would I be buying dog food...right? 😝😝 So on impulse I told her No, that I didn’t have a dog but that I was starting the Dog Food diet again, and that I probably shouldn't because I ended up in the hospital the last time, but at least I was 15 pounds less! I told her that it wa
  2. A Hauoli Makahiki Hou! And a happy new year - Hawaiian
  3. Hoku is a toy hoarder. We keep the toys in a bin and he takes them out the dog door one at a time. If they are inside, he takes them out the dog door, and the closer to dinner time the more actively he carefully removes them. One by one out they go! Does your hound do this? It seems that he is teaching Deva the same trick. She is fairy new, just a year or so, and suddenly today she decides to copy Hoku. Crazy hounds...
  4. Parts of California have serious wild fire problems due to high winds from the east. My heart goes out to all those who are caught up in this. While we do live in the high desert, we do not have those destructive winds or the fire danger. Should anyone need placement of their hounds temporarily please contact us through this greyhound group. We have plenty of space for extra hounds and people. Bishop is not exactly close to anywhere, but we are safe from the fires.
  5. Almost a year ago we lost Willow to liver cancer. It was fast...noticed she was losing weight, but still eager to go on walks and basically her normal self. Took her into the vet for a CBC and the liver results were bad. The vet wanted to look inside and told her that if it was cancer to not to wake her up. Very sad but it was for the best. Said goodbye to Willow before going to the vet with the knowledge that a quick end was better than a long drawn out one. Sometimes you just know...
  6. Love my boy, Hoku. Got him when he was two and never a problem. Boys seem to be more lovable than girls, yes I have had both. Super sweet but not clingy. He has never marked in the house...ours or anyone else’s. He has a funny habit of taking all his toys out the dog door. I scatter them about and Hoku finds them one at a time and carries them out. Silly boy!
  7. My fingers work best! Never have to hunt where they have gotten off to and the hounds seem to like it best.😉
  8. Welcome! San Diego is a lovely place, full of interesting things to do. Have you taken your hound to Coronado Beach? Such a cool place with temperatures warming up.
  9. How about a photo of the dog?! Downloaded the book and looking forward to reading the book!
  10. Try Fast Friends...they cover everything from San Diego to Reno. We live in Bishop CA (so near and yet so far) and have three greyhounds from them. We live at 4500’ and it does get cold here, frost some nights and even the occasional snow. Don’t get suckered into getting coats for them. The climate is dry desert and unless it is in the teens you won’t need one. Hope you find a hound soon!
  11. Dogs are pack animals...see if one of your neighbors can walk their dog with you.
  12. Just want to put in my two cents worth. Ive worked with ponies, (notoriously head strong), horses, and dogs of various sizes. The same applies to all. The closer you keep them at your side, the less likely you can be pulled off balance. If they can get up a head of steam, and that can take only a foot or two, the more likely they can catch you by surprise. Yes, I have a six foot leash and use it daily. When I walk I look ahead, not at the dog, not at the ground, and constantly scan for what might interest the dog, horse , or pony. Seldem am I taken by surprise by the local coveys of quail, bun
  13. This will sound strange.... In our area we have "no see ums" that really go after the tender parts of my horse. Between the legs, along the belly. Very itchy! He will bite himself raw! Originally I got a hair product, Blue Magic, for his lustrous long mane. It is a human hair product! It is the only thing that relieves the itching, heals the skin, and makes his mane and tail look....well, sexy. Not only that I use it on my hair ends. In a very dry climate it helps my split ends. It just may help ypur dog.
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