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  1. No - that's a good idea though! We have to get a baby gate
  2. Context: we've had our greyhound Maisie (almost 3yo) for right at a year. About a month ago, we purchased our first home and moved in. Before that we lived in an apartment. In the apartment, Maisie never had a problem in her crate. In fact, she preferred to be in there when we were gone. She did sleep in the crate at first but after about six months it was no longer necessary. The crate has been in our bedroom in both the apartment and the house. Now in the house, it's clear she has anxiety in the crate. Often times we will come back after a few hours and the tray (under the beds) will be pushed out and there are other clear signs she has been nervous. It takes extreme coaxing to get her into the crate in the first place. We've even tried leaving music or the tv going and it still seems she gets nervous. The crate is not in a drafty area. We are not against leaving her out, but when we've tried to do that she has peed on our rug. My husband works from home so she is never crated all day, only for shorter periods of time. Any suggestions? We've even wondered if getting a second greyhound would alleviate her stress, but we know that comes with its own set of issues....
  3. This has all been so helpful! We are definitely pro rewards based training and well aware that she is still getting used to use. All things considered, she has settles in remarkably well. To update, we gave her the bone, let her have it for a little while, then did our "come" and "stay" commands. She came right over to my husband, stayed while he went and got the bone to put it up, then went about her business. Wasn't bothered in the least. We won't be in the habit of giving her things just to take them away, but we needed to test out the best way to do it if the situation arose. The comments about rawhide do make me nervous - I wouldn't want her to accidentally choke! While we've never given her something unsupervised, we would like to know what are some good alternatives are. Is the XL Nylabone a good option?
  4. Thanks, everybody! This is really helpful. We figured it was fairly normal behavior, and we keep having to remind ourselves that she's only been with us a month. It's nice to have some confirmation regarding those things!
  5. Hello! We've had our Maisie girl for right at a month. She was only off the track a few weeks when we brought her home from the adoption place - she will turn two in April. She's settled in really nicely - loves to snuggle, goes outside on a schedule, and has even gotten some tricks down! We had a weird experience tonight though: We had just given her a bath and she was doing her zoomies to finish drying off. We decided to give her a rawhide bone, something we had never done before. Man, did she go after it. She took it and went immediately to the farthest couch. When I simply walked near her, she growled, snarled, and bared her teeth like I'd never seen before! It was quite unnerving. She doesn't do that with her food in her bowl - she will wait until we tell her "ok" to eat, and she's fine when my hand is near her bowl to refill it. Any ideas? I'm not in the habit of giving her things just to take them away, but I'd like to know why she did this and how we can prevent it in the future. Thanks!
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