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  1. Allie seemed reactive when meeting new dogs at first. Until I figured out that she just HATED when another dog came up to her face. She thought that was horribly rude and let them know it. Now, I position myself or even turn Allie so that any dog approaches her side. No problems and everyone gets their sniffs. Allie also knows that she can "nope" out of a situation by getting behind me or moving to my opposite side, and I will respect her wishes and make sure she is left alone. It is very much about learning your dog's cues and figuring out how to work with them. And always remember that a growl is communication. I never discourage growling. I see what the issue is and deal with it. Then I thank her for letting me know something was wrong.
  2. Yes. Please add C. E. Morris as adopted owner. Thank you.
  3. Can you add a date of death for Davis? Color Print (DOB 1/29/2009) Date of death: 2/24/19
  4. Check Walgreens. You can get the Prescription Savings Card for you dog (or cat) ($20 per year for individual or $35 per year for the entire family). Saved more than the annual fee the first time I used it.
  5. I adopted Allie in January of 2015. Allie had no problem with thunder (even sleeping in a tent during a raging storm) until the week of 4th of July 2015. For about 10 days, we had either huge fireworks going off next door or huge thunderstorms. Since then, any kind of bang (firework, thunder, gun shot, door slam) would elicit a response (startle, shake, etc). It has been over two years, and she is just getting to the point where she doesn't immediately jump up and pace during a thunder storm. She will look when she hears other bangs, but doesn't try to bolt anymore. Progress has been slow, but it is happening. Davis sleeps through anything, except if I get up. He has radar for me moving around.
  6. Bone cancer can happen at any age. So can seizures, heart attack, stroke, embolism, other cancers, etc. Age is no guarantee of health. Senior greys are awesome. I adopted Allie at age 6 and Davis at age 7. They are a perfect match for each other and me. Adopting the right dog is the most important thing.
  7. I wrap the pill in bread. If needed, a hit of spray cheese on the outside.
  8. I don't put a lot of stock in the initial greeting. When Allie and I were picking out a second dog, I was much more interested in how they walked together on leash (no fence in the back yard). Davis got "snarked" on the butt sniff, but Allie settled quickly and I had no problem handling both of them on leash. Yes, Allie made sure Davis knew the boundaries of her personal space, but after the first couple weeks, it was all fine. In fact, now Allie sometimes uses Davis as a pillow.
  9. At 60 lbs and 2.5% (maintenance), he should get 1.5 lbs per day. That can be divided between however many meals you feed per day. Here is a calculator I like: http://perfectlyrawsome.com/pmr-barf-dog-cat-raw-feeding-calculators/
  10. How much does he weigh? 1 lb per day seems low. He should get 2-3% of his ideal weight. Allie weighs 65 lbs. I feed her 2.5% of her ideal weight (65 lbs) which comes out to 26 ounces or 1.6 lbs per day. Davis weighs 75 lbs. He gets 30 ounces or almost 1.9 lbs per day.
  11. Davis had an emergency splenectomy on Friday night. When I got home from work on Friday, he was panting very heavily and generally seemed very uncomfortable. My vet was unavailable and the e-vet wasn't open yet, so I called around until I found a vet still in the office who would stay open for us. They did an exam and found a fever of 104 degrees. Full blood panel was normal. X-rays showed a hugely enlarged spleen and large splenic mass. Transferred to e-vet for the splenectomy. Thankfully, there was no splenic mass; it was all huge spleen. This morning, we had the follow up with our vet and everything looks good. Just waiting on the pathology. Davis is eating and drinking normally. Managed to keep him off the couch for about 36 hours. Back to his normal self.
  12. I am in Minnesota too. Allie and Davis limp after just a minute or two in this cold. They love their fleece-lined Muttluks. They even stand completely still, side-by-side for me to put them on.
  13. Davis had gingivitis. I started wiping his gums with Natural Dentist Health Gums Rinse (Orange Zest) mouthwash whenever I brushed his teeth. Cleared up pretty quick. That mouthwash has no alcohol, artificial sweeteners, or fluoride.
  14. He recently (within the last year) had surgery to clear scar tissue caused by the debarking. So he has been checked. I don't have the records yet. I hope they will shed some light on the issue.
  15. I am so glad he is with us too. His previous adopters returned him because they moved........and bought a house in an exclusive gated community that doesn't allow dogs. After having him for three years, they made the conscious choice to move without him. Makes my blood boil.
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