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  1. I think I mostly want it known around the neighborhood that I've got a large dog. I do think just the knowledge of there being a large dog is enough to make many people hesitate to make trouble. While greys don't seem at all intimidating to me, I think they would seem that way to those who aren't dog savvy. I'd really prefer a dog that's not a huge barker, my Chihuahua and Havanese do enough of that! But I wouldn't be disappointed if I got a grey that would chime in when something suspicious is going on! Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate the feedback.
  2. Well, I'm not really interested in a German Shepherd, I still feel like a Grey would be a good fit, even if it didn't have a scary bark! Thanks so much for all of the replies, you've all been very helpful.
  3. I really do prefer a quiet dog, especially to take to work. My two girls are doing better, they don't bark every time someone comes into the shop any more, but they do bark if we bring someone back to look at thread choices or designs. I do think if people just see/know I've got a big dog, that prevents a lot of people from coming right up to the house. In a perfect world, it would only bark when someone is on the porch or close to the house. It's a shame this isn't a perfect world!! Thanks for your responses.
  4. So I've wanted a Greyhound for years. I was actually getting ready to send in my application when my father passed away a year and a half ago. I was the farm manager on his farm, the rest of the family insisted on selling, and now I live in town, which I despise, and not in the greatest of neighborhoods. I have 2 cats, a Havanese, and a chihuahua. My chi would do her best to protect me but let's face it, how scary can her bark really be? I want a big dog, and I would like a dog who sounds like a big dog. I'm not looking for a mean dog, or one trained for protection, I want a companion. But it would be a nice side benefit if my big dog's bark made someone think twice about skulking around my house. Would anyone be intimidated by a Greyhound's bark? And would a Grey be inclined to bark at strange noises? I also take my dogs to work with me. I work at a family owned embroidery retail shop, where customers come in and out, but my dogs are confined to the back part of the shop where they've got plenty of room and a couch to lay on. Does my lifestyle sound appropriate for a Greyhound? I know each dog is very different, even dogs of the same breed. I've raised Australian Cattle Dogs, and have had a lot of experience with other breeds of dogs, but never a Greyhound even though for some reason, I've felt a pull towards the breed for more than 20 years. Any thoughts?
  5. According to your pictures, Sam has made a friend in Arthur. Some of my dogs who lived for years together never snuggled. But for some reason, my Australian Cattle Dog Levi, absolutely loved my foster chihuahua, who I later adopted. (She and her puppies were evidence in a court case so I couldn't adopt her until case was settled). We had other dogs, but PicaBoo is the one he let snuggle up between his legs like he was holding her. Maybe he just knew she came from an abusive situation and just wanted to protect her. I hope the gf sees the light, it would be a shame to separate those two now. Good luck!
  6. A slumber ball is a dog bed. I ordered mine from Kohl's and used Kohl's cash. I put in the search at Kohl's "DrsFoster and Smith Slumber Ball" You can also order them from: www.drsfostersmith.com
  7. I'm so sorry you and Harley are having to go through this. I know how difficult it is. Just remember Harley isn't worrying about the amount of time you've spent together, she only knows and feels the love and joy you've had for her, and she will die knowing she was loved more than anything by you. And I don't believe she would ever want you to second guess your decision, because it was made out of love for her. You were both so lucky to have found each other. (((Hugs)))
  8. I agree, the cats need permanent and safe escape routes. I have been dog sitting often enough I've left the gates in place. I just don't keep them all closed when it's just us at home. The cats have several places to go. I've always wished though, to have a pathway up high for them, all through the house. I'm sure it would be hard to make it blend in, but if I had someone handy who worked for free, I'd be building them all kinds of ramps and paths.
  9. I don't have a grey yet, but my parents have 2 Havanese, one with Addison's Disease and an incredibly sensitive stomach, and I have a Chihuahua and a Havanese. Since they spend so much time together, we keep them on the same food. Several months ago, our vet wanted the Addison's dog on a duck food. After researching, I decided on Fromm DUCK &SWEET POTATO. They love it! Even my cats want to eat it. So I highly recommend Fromm products. My only issue is the local place we bought it from closed shortly after we started feeding it. Now I order it online Our Addison's dog periodically has a lot of diarrhea, so I ordered the Olewo carrots after reading about it here and it's been wonderful for her. Good luck!
  10. Aiden is co cute! It's really wonderful, those of you who do therapy dog work. Exactly what training do you have to go through to be certified as a therapy dog? I have a 5 yo Havanese that I think would make a wonderful therapy dog and when/if I get my grey, if it seems to have the right temperament, I think it would be fun to train it as well. In a way, a bigger dog has an advantage bc they are lap high, and bed high so easy for someone in a hospital bed or wheelchair to reach for petting.
  11. When I dog sit, I've got gates with the little pet doors so my cats can get away, but obviously, it would be preferable to have a grey that was good w the cats. I think you might be right about them being fostered w cats. A couple of groups I've looked at have listed some dogs as "cat safe, tested at the track" with no mention of them being w cats in foster homes. Thanks for the input! I can do permanent gates and stuff if necessary, but I don't want my cats to always live in fear.
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