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  1. I think I mostly want it known around the neighborhood that I've got a large dog. I do think just the knowledge of there being a large dog is enough to make many people hesitate to make trouble. While greys don't seem at all intimidating to me, I think they would seem that way to those who aren't dog savvy. I'd really prefer a dog that's not a huge barker, my Chihuahua and Havanese do enough of that! But I wouldn't be disappointed if I got a grey that would chime in when something suspicious is going on! Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate the feedback.
  2. Well, I'm not really interested in a German Shepherd, I still feel like a Grey would be a good fit, even if it didn't have a scary bark! Thanks so much for all of the replies, you've all been very helpful.
  3. I really do prefer a quiet dog, especially to take to work. My two girls are doing better, they don't bark every time someone comes into the shop any more, but they do bark if we bring someone back to look at thread choices or designs. I do think if people just see/know I've got a big dog, that prevents a lot of people from coming right up to the house. In a perfect world, it would only bark when someone is on the porch or close to the house. It's a shame this isn't a perfect world!! Thanks for your responses.
  4. So I've wanted a Greyhound for years. I was actually getting ready to send in my application when my father passed away a year and a half ago. I was the farm manager on his farm, the rest of the family insisted on selling, and now I live in town, which I despise, and not in the greatest of neighborhoods. I have 2 cats, a Havanese, and a chihuahua. My chi would do her best to protect me but let's face it, how scary can her bark really be? I want a big dog, and I would like a dog who sounds like a big dog. I'm not looking for a mean dog, or one trained for protection, I want a comp
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