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  1. Hi all. I'm Mike. Today I just adopted Dallas. He's a two year old male, only a few months off the track. The rescue informed me that Dallas had his spleen removed recently. He also has a whip worm. They gave me two medicines for the worm. Said I should check his stool in about 4 months. Rescue also has him on some anxiety medication because he was aggressive going into his personal kennel . I guess he didn't enjoy being locked up. They said it was probably because of the surgery. They gave me a couple bottles and told me to ween him off. I hope it goes well. Long drive back from the rescue. Then we went to the store for dog food. After that we arrived home. Only an hour after our arrival, Dallas peed in the kitchen so I've decided to restrict Him to the living room for now. Was glad I bought the enzyme cleaner before hand. Decided I should walk him very frequently after that. Don't want anymore accidents. I have a fenced yard. Was planning on letting him run around in it, and do his thing. In a manner of minutes, Dallas found and ate two green cat poops in the yard. Decided to walk him up and down the street until I can figure out how to keep the cats from pooping in my yard. There's lots of strays on my street. I've seen a few sick ones. Tomorrow I'll go out and try to find and clear out any more green cat poops so Dallas dosnt have to walk so much. I'm guessing the concrete is rough on his feet. I think I walked him for ten minutes about every hour and a half in the evening. He was fine walking early in the evening, but the later it got the less enthused he was about it. Towards the end of the night, he all but refused to walk or climb the three small stairs. I think he may have even growled at me, not sure. I can see the boy is exhausted. He had a nap, I think. I hope he sleeps through the night. I noticed a few small blood spots in the car so I decided to take him to my local vet. She couldn't find any reason for the blood spots, thought it may have been a stich from the spleen surgery. She did gave Dallas a good bill of health. She told me to keep an eye on the spleen incision just in case. Tomorrow I'm going to spend alternating between crate training and alone training. He went into his crate today. I had a peanut butter kong in there. I threw a bunch of treats in too, just to see how he does with the crate. He went in and out but was mostly only half in. Tomorrow I guess I'll see if he shows any aggression when going in. Wish me luck.
  2. Thanks all. I'll just disregard the suggestion I read on that site and take all your advice. I've got time to think it over and discuss it with the rescue coordinator.
  3. Hi all. I'm Mike. I'm planning on adopting 2 hounds in the next couple months. I'm researching how to prevent separation anxiety. I came across this website: http://www.greyhoundwelfare.org/resourceDet.php?resourceCategoryKey=27 It says it's easier to prevent separation anxiety than to cure it. The website suggests crating the dog, anytime the dog isn't eating, drinking, walking or training, for two weeks. After two weeks, one should gradually increase the dogs free time. What do you all think about this type of acclimation to home life? Does it seem sound? Is it too much crating? I really want to set the dogs up for success. I don't want them to develop separation anxiety. I really couldn't deal with it. Would this kind of thing work if I adopted two dogs at once? Should I walk them separately? Would that help prevent separation anxiety or would it increase the chances? On that note, is it advisable to adopt 2 dogs at the same time or should I adopt them a week or two apart? I'm planning on getting two because I think one would be lonely. Just yesterday, it occurred to me that if I adopted two dogs that weren't comfortable with stairs, I'd have a very difficult time getting them in and out of the house. I've never taught one dog to traverse a staircase, two might be much more difficult. I suppose I could tie one's leash to a railing, while I got the other up or down the staircase. I appreciate any advice pertaining to prevention separation anxiety. Thank you.
  4. Thanks everyone. I'll look into getting dogs that have been previously fostered. That should help in a few different ways. Just last night I was wondering about teaching the dogs stairs. If I were to get 2 that were new to staircases, it would make for an interested few days, getting them both up and down safely. So much to think about.
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone. I've warmed up to the idea of getting a male. I'll probably go with the wood floor and just put down a bunch of carpets. I've been reading through the behavior section and I'm getting super worried about separation anxiety. It's seems like a super common problem. One of the reasons I chose the greyhound breed is because they're supposed to be so relaxed. Apparently, that's not the case. There's a few rescues in NJ, and a big one way down South. I think it's a five hour drive. I was browsing their website and they had a few that were describes as "wonderful for therapy dog". I'm guessing that means that those particular dogs are really relaxed and not prone to anxiety, but I could be totally wrong. I think it's a good idea to take the long trip in the hopes they will have more dogs to choose from. It seems like they have lots more dogs than the closer rescues. I really don't want to adopt a dog and have to return it because of anxiety. I'm prone to anxiety myself and couldn't handle a dog who had anxiety issues. Beyond reading the description on the rescues web page, can anyone give advice on how to not choose a dog prone to anxiety? Of course I'll take the rescues recommendations into consideration, but I think I need to educate myself a little more. Thanks all.
  6. Thank you all for the warm welcome. I'm in New Jersey, USA. I'm hoping to adopt 2 females. I've heard that male dogs and female dogs get along better but I just can't deal with the leg lifting thing. I plan to take them on walks frequently and train the dogs well, but I also understand that accidents happen. When an accident does happen, I'd prefer it to be on the floor and not halfway up a wall. I live in an apartment where large dog aren't allowed. I'm in the process of buying a home so when I get settled in, I'll be able to adopt. I think the previous occupants were animal lovers because the home has a smell of urine. It's going to take some work to get the smell out completely and I plan to put in a wood floor. I'm a little worried that wood floors aren't great with dogs. I can also choose tile but tile is so cold and hard. No one likes that, probably not greyhounds. Im adopting 2 because I want to minimize and chance of anxiety. I live alone so it wouldn't be fair to leave a dog home alone while I'm at work. I previously had a Yorkie and it broke my heart to leave the apartment because she'd get upset. Anyway, time for bed. Thanks again for the warm welcome.
  7. Hello everyone. I'm Mike and I plan to adopt 2 female Greys in the next couple months. I figured I'd post a greeting. I'm sure I'll have many questions in the near future. Wish me luck.😃
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