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  1. https://ibb.co/ZNZDXqQ Hi, trying to find some advice, my 10 yr old has a tumor underneath his tail, went to the vet did aspiration the path report says DIAGNOSIS: Circumanal gland neoplastic epithelial cells with mild cellular pleomorphism, anisonucleosis and piling up of reserve cells. They advise to do a partial or full biopsy, I asked the vet should be do a ultrasound or X-ray before doing biopsy, since sedation is required and to see if there are any other tumors inside, not being cold but if there are tumors inside why do a biopsy... cancer is cancer and I would don't want to put him through any surgery etc. Her reply was we already discussed what I advised, I guess she is used to people just going along with what she says. We are newer to this area and I haven't found a vet I can trust in yet. We are in the Orlando FL area. Below is the pathology report and picture. thanks https://ibb.co/ZNZDXqQ https://ibb.co/YbVz2vJ
  2. Our Luster has always had a lot of eye goobers since he came to us, the vet said it was allergy related and has been on allergy relief Walmart brand and works great, now just the normal once in a while eye goober.
  3. Hi, we recently moved from N KY to Fla, never had problems with fleas until now, I started using advantix II on him and he gets really itchy all over his body for at least a week. And we found out he is allergic to flea bites. Anyone had a reaction like this before and if so, any suggestions what to try next, that won't have him so itchy.
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