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  1. Thank you all for all your suggestions! We tried the old quilt on her bed, but the first thing she does is brush it off. It really seems like she just needs to get to the filling of the bed. We're going to try looking for a fitted, softer cover that is hopefully more quiet. We'll also take a look at the Kuranda beds. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, thanks for reading my post. My fiance and I have had our greyhound Minerva for about a year now, and we just moved into a new house. We were in an apartment before, and we couldn't fit her bed in our room, so she slept in the living room and had gotten used to it. We have room in the house, so we keep her bed in our room so she can stay with us. She definitely seems to prefer being in our room. However, she is a major digger/nester. She destroyed her old bed, so we got a new one that's made out of a more durable, canvas-like material. Every two hours, in the middle of th
  3. So we had some luck cutting off her water last night, but tonight we took her out at 9:30 p.m. and she urinated. At around 11, she got off the couch and urinated again. We’re feeling a little bit helpless here because this is such a sudden issue!
  4. Oh that's interesting! We live in the Philadelphia area and it's been cold at night lately. Thank you we'll definitely consider that!!
  5. Thanks for the advice. When we reprimanded her, we said "outside" a number of times. On her 10 p.m. walk, she always urinates at least once, sometimes twice. The other night, I walked her for a much longer time than we usually do at night. Typically, it's a quick walk but she always pees on that walk, no matter how short it is. The other night, she urinated twice, and pooped as well. She still urinated in the middle of the night. I should also mention that her second walk of the day is about 9-10 hours after her first walk, but she never (knock on wood) urinates during the day when w
  6. Hi everyone, Thanks for taking a look at this post and any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated! My girlfriend and I adopted a greyhound, Minerva, about 5 months ago. When we got her in June, she had one accident (pee) as soon as she walked in - totally expected. After that, no accidents and she was really good about adjusting to her new routine. About two weeks ago, while we were all on the couch watching TV, she got up off the couch and urinated right in front of us. We of course reprimanded her since we caught her in the act, and we could tell she knew it was wrong by
  7. Hi everyone! I'm in need of some advice. I just recently adopted a greyhound a few days ago, and I am a first time owner. I am working with a great agency, but the woman in charge of the agency warned me against adopting the particular greyhound that I chose. She was worried that he wouldn't do well as an only hound, but I felt that he matched the temperament I wanted perfectly. She said that it's definitely worth giving him a shot and that if it didn't work to let her know. Her concerns were that he's not a very confident dog, and that he would need some guidance from a more confident do
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