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  1. My girl is very aware of every change in our household, afterall it is her entire world. I found that if I apologize to her and make it clear that she is the center of my universe, things turn to a positive. Make no mistake...these hounds are very smart! Enjoy the ride . We do.
  2. I can hardly wait to meet Mr. Lovebug.
  3. Looks like your hounds love being together with their parents! So many personalities!!! Love your family
  4. We adopted our girl from Fast Friends. She was born in Kansas and raced at Cailente. We enjoyed the process and have an adorable retired racer in our family.
  5. Congrats! We have a brindle girl and we love her
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....Lola and your beautiful ears
  7. International Runway Model...Lila you are stunning!!!!
  8. MacKenzie thinks your handsome boy is lucky to have a family that appreciates him. We congratulate all of your family members and welcome Deacon to Greytalk. More pics please
  9. Honor is an athlete through and through.
  10. One cup dry kibble with one heaping teaspoon coconut oil served with 1/2 cup of steamed broccoli. She gets this for breakfast and dinner. She weighs 59 pounds and we have to keep her close to race weight as she broke her right hind leg and had knee reconstruction right before we took her home.She is often called a Whippet. We jjust smile. She has treats often and chews antler bones.
  11. Hello Sage...you are so handsome. Good Boy!
  12. Welcome to The World of Greyhounds! We bought a bed, blanket to put on top. Small soft light blanket to place over our girl to keep her warm. For eating meals we bought raised bowl for food and water. In addition to that we bought a kibble vault. Yes vault. These hounds are brilliant. We also supplied our girl with three soft toys mostly made for humans. See Lexie for how many stuffies you will eventually purchase. You can't miss her she is the most photogenic Greyhound on Grey Talk. We adore her. Lastly we supplied our Greyhound with unfettered love and affection. That was absolutely free.
  13. Crying...looking at photos...crying...Adopting an injured Greyhound and the world spun again and now I cry with joy.
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