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  1. My girl is very aware of every change in our household, afterall it is her entire world. I found that if I apologize to her and make it clear that she is the center of my universe, things turn to a positive. Make no mistake...these hounds are very smart! Enjoy the ride . We do.
  2. MacKenzie thinks your handsome boy is lucky to have a family that appreciates him. We congratulate all of your family members and welcome Deacon to Greytalk. More pics please
  3. One cup dry kibble with one heaping teaspoon coconut oil served with 1/2 cup of steamed broccoli. She gets this for breakfast and dinner. She weighs 59 pounds and we have to keep her close to race weight as she broke her right hind leg and had knee reconstruction right before we took her home.She is often called a Whippet. We jjust smile. She has treats often and chews antler bones.
  4. Hello Sage...you are so handsome. Good Boy!
  5. I jog with Mackenzie several days a week. She enjoys it. I also defer to her when she stops to turn around. Some days she goes 3 miles and others she might want to go short. She is very communicative when she just wants to walk.
  6. William and Eileen McPherson, Costa Mesa, CA.
  7. My MacKenzie is 6 years old and very healthy. We have had a few accidents and a broken toe. She prefers to walk instead of use her own backyard as a potty stop. We tried to feed her more raw food and we made her sick. Our fault again. She has a simple diet, walking, playing with us and of course sleeping is her career. She is retired, that is for sure. The only regret I have is that we did not consider a Greyhound in our youthful years.
  8. Well it looks like "Waynes World" to all of us. Welcome home handsome boy. Congrats
  9. Yeah...if we don't get pics of that Kitty and New Grey we will revolt...amIrite????
  10. Welcome. Indy is handsome and lucky to have a loving home. Congrats!
  11. When MacKenzie was new to our household two years ago we had a similar issue. We tried all of the above. I was so destroyed by lack of sleep I thought I was crazy. One evening I was just exhausted and lay beside her while she fussed at 2 am. I began to lightly stroke her body and my hand slid down her leg and I was startled to feel how cold her leg was. This might be it! I gathered a baby blanket and wrapped her up she slept like a content baby. She was cold, end of story. We hope you find what your sweet girl needs.
  12. Our female loves children, especially babies. She is gentle and kind.
  13. We are glad to know that Jake is home and on the mend. Have swift recovery Jake.
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