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  1. Such healthy happy lovelies! Love, love,love the Zoom zoom zoomies pic! I kind of want to visit Germany for a bit...Thanks for sharing these great photos!
  2. That Whippet is absolutely lovely! Interesting pic...! Legs everywhere...lol
  3. This should win an award! Perfect....love,love,love this!
  4. My non-greyhound has experienced allergies over the years. He is now 8 years old. I have understood and have been told it was food allergies. I stopped all chicken and grain products. He was fine on Natural Balance for about 1.5 years and then started having problems. Long story short, he now has swelling in his anal area, His anal glands were expressed, and I agreed to a one time shot of Cytopoint. He was checked one week after the injection, and he seemed to be improving (less scratching) Two weeks later, he was checked again by vet and the swelling in his anal area hadn't improved. So, vet diagnosis: food allerigies. They suggested hypoallergenic food (Royal Canin or Hills). I tried the Hills before, and his stools were like pudding, so they allowed me to return it and gave me credit. My question is, the Hills diet was hydrolyzed chicken protein. The Royal Canin is also hydrolyzed protein (not sure if it is chicken),,,and it's very expensive. I am unsure about purchasing it, since he didn't tolerate the Hills hydrolyzed protein. I know it's a different brand, but I am not sure what to do here.
  5. Wow! I thought that Solvang stopped this event....good to hear it is still on!
  6. What a gorgeous boy!!! And beautiful pics!! I can't decide which steals my heart more...the daisy pic, is so perfectly lovely, and the black and white of the sphinx pose is perfect! The close up shot, with attitude and ears, is well...just absolutely beautiful! Best wishes for you and your handsome young man!
  7. Your pics lift me up, because they are so beautiful..it made a good end to a somewhat bad day for me. Such lovely pictures, of such beautiful dogs...It makes me happy!
  8. That jump is a thing of beauty for sure, and the dog clearly enjoys doing it! On the other hand...Geronimo is a scream! It's not just "jump rope"...it's Double Dutch jump rope! Way too cute
  9. I get that! He sure is beautiful! The greyhound version of Matthew McConoughay...too beautiful for words. That is, if a man can be called beautiful!
  10. I am so very sorry to hear this. Sometimes, timing is everything.You have done well by Honor. Such a beauty. The remarkable and memorable Hester (one of the best) is taking care of business, and letting you know "All is Well"...if you believe in that sort of thing. I do! Signs are signs for a reason, and it takes a sensitive person to pick up on them
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