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  1. Such healthy happy lovelies! Love, love,love the Zoom zoom zoomies pic! I kind of want to visit Germany for a bit...Thanks for sharing these great photos!
  2. That Whippet is absolutely lovely! Interesting pic...! Legs everywhere...lol
  3. My non-greyhound has experienced allergies over the years. He is now 8 years old. I have understood and have been told it was food allergies. I stopped all chicken and grain products. He was fine on Natural Balance for about 1.5 years and then started having problems. Long story short, he now has swelling in his anal area, His anal glands were expressed, and I agreed to a one time shot of Cytopoint. He was checked one week after the injection, and he seemed to be improving (less scratching) Two weeks later, he was checked again by vet and the swelling in his anal area hadn't improved. So
  4. Wow! I thought that Solvang stopped this event....good to hear it is still on!
  5. What a gorgeous boy!!! And beautiful pics!! I can't decide which steals my heart more...the daisy pic, is so perfectly lovely, and the black and white of the sphinx pose is perfect! The close up shot, with attitude and ears, is well...just absolutely beautiful! Best wishes for you and your handsome young man!
  6. Have you looked at the Hemopet website? I know they offer Nutriscan. I have never made an appointment with them...I just know they offer it...I am sure that doesn't help in answering your question. Their office is close to me in Socal, but I haven't felt the need to use their Nutriscan services. Yes, I thought it was extremely pricey...but I don't know how exact it is.
  7. Thank you everyone, for your responses. It is now my opinion, that the CET works better. BTW, I used poultry flavor CET in the past,no problems with taste or diarrhea. The last time I purchased it, my Vet only had the vanilla mint. My pup has no preference for taste. It has a much more appealing smell to my nose as well
  8. It may be my imagination, but I have gotten better results with the Enzymatic C.E.T. toothpaste versus the Enzadent version. Any thoughts? I used Enzadent for about 6 months with no results. At the time, I was brushing once every other day, and then a dental chew every other day, with excellent results (using CET). The Enzadent did not produce the same results. Any thoughts, or personal experience?? Thanks!
  9. To narrow it down, look for sunscreen for children...that does not have zinc oxide or PABA as an ingredient. Go from there
  10. i always worry about those bumps...just me. Little Man had a bump above his upper jaw that turned out to be a cyst...non cancerous. It did invade the bone...poor little guy. It was not in the placement you show here...still...I would have a Vet check it out. I just worry about anything that seems abnormal...take your lovely guy to vet, to ease your mind
  11. May I suggest switching to some food, that doesn't have chicken or corn? After a lot of research, I found out that with food allergies, chicken and corn products are quite likely the biggest problem. I deleted all chicken products with corn, and corn by-products. The only starch in my guys food now, is potato or sweet potato. Proteins range from fish, duck, and when on sale venison and bison. His kibble is duck and potato, only. A scoop of wet food is one of the above mentioned proteins...with potato or sweet potato added. Honestly, it took about a year to get it resolved, but he has calmed do
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