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  1. Greysmom--thank you! I've read and re-read this and I appreciate your take very much. Thank you for the ideas and time to craft your response. I've added rough collie to my short list of breeds that may work for us but I'm not giving up on a greyhound yet!
  2. Thank you for your reply. Yes, all good info. The "mean" cat I should probably be calling a "tough" cat. We adopted him, he's not feral. He's a barn cat and he can handle his own. He's wants to be near us when we're outside. And sneaks in because he wants to be an indoor cat, but we have allergies and we've made him a penthouse out of the shed. He is fed in there and sleeps there at night. He has his own kitty door in and out and cozy sleeping spots and toys that my kids made for him. We adopted him, he's ours. I may not love his personality, but he's ours 6 years ago when I got our pup, I was talked out of getting a greyhound on greytalk because we had younger kids. Then when my kids begged for cats, I checked to see if greys could live harmoniously with them and not understanding the difference between getting along with indoor and getting along with outdoor cats, assumed they could. Last year, I was talked out of getting a grey due to our two barn cats and got an Italian greyhound mix that loved our outdoor cat (one cat has since run away). Tragically, our second pup died just 9 months later and we are heartbroken. But after seeing how well it worked out with our IG mix and the cat, I thought maybe this was finally our time. Sigh. I'm so sad. I've wanted a greyhound for maybe 20 years. Thanks for everyone's honesty.
  3. One more question...this is probably the issue that is going to make adoption a no go again... We have an outdoor cat. He lives in a shed and sneaks into the house once in a while but is promptly tossed back out except the coldest days of winter when we let him stay in the basement overnight. I don't even like this cat--he's not really nice to me, either, but I still don't want him harmed. And the kids love him, of course. He's a real mean cat and has no problem hissing and swiping at dogs. We live on acreage but have no fence so if we adopted a dog he'd be walked on leash unless we went to a fenced in area. My other dog is free to play in the yard and walk the driveway without a leash and is scared to pieces of the cat. The cat is an avid hunter. He is mostly off hunting for chipmunks in the woods but hangs out near the doors and windows meowing incessantly when he's through with that and he wants to be fed a canned meal. We have no plans to put up a fence so the greyhound would be walked every time he needed to go out. But accidents happen. Every pet I've ever had has managed to sneak in or out to where they don't belong. Is there no way to get a lower prey drive hound that can get used to the comings and goings of a particular cat if we're very careful in introductions? Or, are they safe with indoor only cats only?
  4. Aww, they're so sweet! Thanks for sharing! I love the "mismatched pair!" And, yes, we need cat safe, too! And kid safe!
  5. Thanks, everyone. I plan to talk to an agency soon. I'm feeling nervous and we have a lot of requirements for a poor pup, but in time, I hope we can make a match!
  6. Thanks for the tips and adorable photos! I really want to do this but want to be sure my original girl is happy and content and will get a new friend in the process. She's smaller--35 lbs, so I hope that doesn't present an issue. She seems to love big dogs. Especially big male dogs. She loves to run and chase and be chased so that might be a good match for a grey who loves to play chase--she's super fast, she'll be surprised not being the fastest around!! haha!!
  7. Still considering adding a greyhound to our family... Of course all dogs and situations are different, but if you have dogs of other/mixed breeds, how did it go when you introduced your greyhound to the family? We have a sweet 6 year old lab mix female who loves other dogs but is easily intimidated. She welcomes visitors with open paws but then is unsure about it all if they stay for more than a little bit! Thoughts? Fun stories? Not so fun stories? Thanks!!
  8. Thank you for the reply! Great info. I am still working on the hubby--crazy guy thinks 3 kids, 2 cats, 2 gerbils, an outdoor pond full of fish and one dog is enough! Silly! If I can convince him, I will talk to a local adoption agency about our situation and see if we can find a match.
  9. Hi Everyone, Update: 4 Years Later (Sometimes when I read forums I always wonder, what happened, so here's the follow-up and a few questions for interested parties) Thank you for the advice years ago, based on it we did not end up with a greyhound. There were too many worrisome variables with having young kids. We did end up with a dog--a mixed breed puppy who ended up being perfect. She is quiet, sweet, gentle, playful but careful and tolerant. She is 4 now (don't know how to post a pic). The kids have grown up too, of course! That screamer of a 2 year old is now a sweet, gentle, animal-loving 6 year old who is careful and respectful. Her older sisters are almost 9 and 12 and are similar. We are a relatively calm and quiet household--a good place for a sensitive dog like our Nellie and maybe a grey? Maybe it's because my youngest is entering Kindergarten, but I am ready to add a pet to our house. I think my dog could use the companionship and I think we are at a place where a greyhound might be the perfect pet for us, finally! I have a couple questions and concerns, if anyone is willing and able to address them: 1. Understanding that all dogs are different, would my dog actually be getting a companion to play with and spend time with or is it likely the grey would not be interested in her? (She's a 35 lb sweet thing who enjoys playing with dogs, but doesn't exactly know how, but just seems happy to be around them--she loves chase games when given the opportunity, doesn't really know how to play wrestle style games though she tries). 2. Outdoor cats. We have 2. They're awesome and savvy and live in a shed but do come in the basement during the coldest months of winter. How could I get a 'cat safe' grey used to a couple cats that run around the yard (my dog loves to chase them and they chase her but she's small and never gonna catch them). 3. No fence. If I get another dog I plan to fence part of our big yard. But my other dog doesn't need to be fenced. She runs like crazy in the yard and explores the woods but isn't going to go too far from me. Would it be a problem to fence one dog and not the other at times? And the cats, of course, would be outside the fenced area but is that just too much stimulation to have cats, squirrels and a dog running around outside the fence? 4. Allergies. My 6 year old has asthma (that's why the cats are barn cats) and my 9 year old is allergic to some dogs. My mixed breed dog might have some lab in her and if my kids stick their face in her fur they get itchy eyes. I have to use a lint roller on their beds and stuff each night because Nellie's hair ends up everywhere. Anyone out there have allergy issues with greys? Woo! That was a lot and I appreciate everyone's time now and 4 years ago! Excited to see what our next step may be!
  10. Good things to think about everyone. We can do walks. We miss our daily walks with our old girl. I do AM, husband does PM. I am shying away from "trying" because I just can't stand the idea of it not working. The poor dog has gone through so much transition already and my poor kids who undoubtably would love the dog, etc would be heartbroken if it doesn't work out.
  11. Well, you guys had convinced me that I was barkin' up the wrong tree (hee hee). Then someone from GEM called and set me back to square 1! They said they are one of the few organizations that do adopt to young familes and they are very vigilant in placing the right dog with the right family. I'm sure most organizations are good at this but he was adamant that it has worked out in the past and some dogs would do just fine in our situation. So hmmm....
  12. I had missed a couple of these replies when I responded. Thank you so much for them. You are helping me tremendously. Perhaps my "selfishness" of getting a dog right now (which perhaps is not an easy stage to add a dog to our life) is trumping my rational side but I should put aside my "selfishness" of having that dog be a greyhound. I certainly would not want an unhappy dog or household or worse--an injury. We just want to add the love and companionship that only a dog can bring--maybe my next one will be a grey--but that is maybe 12 years down the road. This is a huge step for us, as getting over our last dog was a bit monumental. She was actually a complete trouble maker. Our first dog so we made plenty of mistakes with her, we also nursed her back from 2 serious diseases--oh did we love that girl. It took a year to even think about getting another dog but I feel more than ready. Thanks again--
  13. Hi! Thank you for your thoughtful responses. Maybe I misrepresented my 2 year old. She's a good girl. But she's also 2. We had a rabbit for a while and she followed the rules quite well with him and he was a delicate thing. But a couple times the rabbit would be on her toy and she'd try to shove him off, "No Happy, that's MINE!!!" I'm not too worried about her climbing on the dog or messing with it too much--she has a healthy fear of dogs! She is quite careful with my sister's dog, a small, white fluffy thing that terrifies her because she has a sharp bark. I'm more concerned about the liveliness of the house...we are a relatively quiet family--the girls like books and quiet play mostly but they CAN be boisterous, using the furniture as launching pads, etc. And my 2 year old is a screamer by nature. She yells at her sisters when she doesn't get her way. She's not rough but boy can she yell! I'm worried that this is too much for a sensitive soul. My old dog was fine with it. They left her alone, she left them alone. The loved each other and were kind and sweet together but mostly they ignored each other. I understand the perspective that you don't want to subject any animal to a 2 year old! Ha! But, and perhaps I'm being selfish, I want a dog in my life. I miss my old girl terribly. She was my first baby--then I had all these BABIES--but I never had enough of going for walks, playing, loving my old girl. I grew up with dogs and want my kids to too. We're a good family for a pet--responsible parents who are knowledgeable about the needs (and expense) of pets, loving sweet kids, a stay at home mom who will have lots of time to play with doggie, live in the country so nice long country walks and we rarely travel so no worries about that (I always hated leaving my old girl!). Maybe we should do a puppy--I guess I'll never really know what the best way to go is, because perhaps there isn't a "best" way. Appreciate it everyone!
  14. Hi There, I am brand new here but have been devouring this forum for a number of weeks. The information has been great! Our beloved dog died over a year ago and we are now ready to add another special someone to our family. I have always been attracted to greyhounds, though have only known a couple in passing. My old girl reminded me of a greyhound because she had never ending legs, could run like the wind, was sensitive, quiet and clean. She had a host of other naughty behaviors that weren't very grey-like though, like once jumping onto the top of the refrigerator via the counter! Ha! Getting to my question--We are considering greyhounds but I have three LITTLE kids. 7, 4, 2 year old girls. The older two are rule followers and not very wild. The 2 year old though is a 2 year old--she screams and cries, she runs, she throws stuff on occasion. She pets other dogs gently but she is possessive of her own stuff. I can see her trying to grab something from the dog if she thinks it's "hers." Of course I plan to be vigilant when dog and children are together, but truthfully, my 2 year old runs all over the place. I spent some time reading about sleep and space aggression issues on this forum and it got me really scared. My old dog was incredibly tolerant so I'm not used to having to watch a dog like a hawk. We also have a two story wood floored house--would that be an issue? So while I was set on a greyhound, now I'm not so sure. Do I pick out a nice humane society dog that might be more Lab-like (read : not very sensitive, big dog personality, used to people, tolerant of kids) and cross fingers I got the "right one" for our family like our last dog? Or do I follow through with finding the right greyhound though my kids are little and as a breed they may be less tolerant of a situation like ours? The startling and biting thing just really freaked me out when I read about it. Maybe I should wait until my kids are older until I get my grey? Any help is appreciated! Thank you so much! Susan
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