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  1. Thank you all. Here's another video from the past. A little more upbeat that captures Fencetop's and Mary's true nature.
  2. It's been a while since I've posted here, but some of you might still remember stories about greyhound Mary and Fencetop the cat. As of last night they are now back together again, at the rainbow bridge. Here's a video I put together a while back of the two of them together. https://youtu.be/olLMv8v_wYI
  3. We miss her sweet gentle patient love,
  4. Me too, and I'm certain they did. They were a match made for heaven.
  5. Percy touched many hearts. So sorry for your loss.
  6. Happy Birthday Mary. I hope you and your BFF Wafer are having a blast at the bridge.
  7. Fencetop is doing ok. She still misses Mary tons, though. Last week I was moving some things upstairs, and without thinking, I gave Mary’s last collar a little shake after I noticed it on a shelf. Before I could turn around, Fencetop was running up the stairs, looking for Mary.
  8. Some folks here might remember sweet Mary and little Fencetop, Mary went to the bridge earlier this year and her 14th birthday would have been next week, so I thought I'd share Mary's story prior to Fencetop's arrival. Mary came to us as a foster after having run may races and raising 28 pups in four litters. Our other greyhound at the time, Wafer, was the boss and Mary was fine with that as long as she had her den all to herself. And, although she was always the boss, Wafer had no interest in Marys' den. however, Wafer did make it clear that Mary was not allowed on the furniture. After several months of no furniture privileges, Mary began to sneak onto one of the sofas during cold evenings then, a few weeks later when she got onto the other sofa, Wafer decided to try out Mary's den to see if that would get Mary off the sofa, Mary didn't seem to mind, so Wafer decided to sit on the highest spot on the sofa. Mary still didn't mind. Down the road a ways, when Wafer became ill, sweet Mary was always there for Wafer to lean on as her illness began to slow her down. and before long Mary became Wafer's constant companion and BFF until Wafer went to the bridge in May 2013, After a few lonely months, little Fencetop showed up on our back fence Based on our vet's estimate of her age, Fencetop was born about a week after Wafer went to the bridge. I always figured, somehow, Wafer sent Fencetop to our house so she could comfort Mary. That's where this video begins. We sure do miss you Mary.
  9. After going through my photos after Mary went to the Bridge, I decided to put many of the photos I had not yet shared into a retrospective video. Here's what I came up with.
  10. Mary (aka Hallo Mary O) went to the Rainbow Bridge on Feb 10th, 2016. She officially retired at age 9 in March 2012 when she chose our home. Prior to retirement, Mary ran many races and then raised 28 puppies. Once retired, Mary quickly fit in with us and our 10 year old greyhound Wafer. After Wafer went to the Bridge in 2013 a little kitten named Fencetop showed up and Mary welcomed her into our home. Mary and Fencetop grew to be very close friends. Mary approached every single day with overwhelming love and patience. She was the sweetest soul I've ever known. Mary Aug/6/2002 - Feb/10/2016
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