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  1. Hi LaFlaca

    I've been making bone broth for about a year now. The recipe says share it with your dog but i haven't, yet anyhow. :-) Super healthy! I make it and after it is cooled i put it in ice cube trays so i have it handy. I give it weekly, sometimes more. i found the recipe online. i buy Organic chicken backs but you can use all kinds of bones. I use about 2lbs for the size of my crock pot. Cover it with water about 2 inches above the bones, add 2-3 tablespoons of "Mothers" Apple Cider vinegar. Cook for approx 24hrs. Cool, strain. I save the meat for a topper. This last batch I added 1 clove garlic near the end which i discarded after it was cooked. Garlic in that low amount does not hurt a dog.

  2. I adopted Charlie because he was so afraid of everything. I was staff at the shelter he was at. He has been with us for 4 plus yrs and no separation anxiety at all. I did have a German Shepherd and they got along great. She passed at almost 14 yrs old this past Nov. Charlie missed her i knew because he wouldn't sleep in the room for one month that they shared. He is ok now I am a dog walker so i am back and forth and he isn't home alone more than 2-3 hrs day, not sure if that's why but he is always asleep when i come home, i don't crate him btw. If you do, please have no collars on in the crate. Best of luck!!

  3. I feed raw also and will not stop. Most Vets do not know much about nutrition, one of mine admitted it. All the Vets who i have seen who practice homeopathic and traditional combination support raw feeding. You have to do your research to make sure your dog is getting everything needed. Will it prevent Cancer if he is genetically predisposed? Doubtful but his coat is beautiful and is healthy. This even after the poor guy had heart surgery last March. Hard not to worry but do the best you can for your dog. Don't feed treats or food from China is a good start.

    I just bought a crock pot and will be making healthy bone broth too. We all do what we think is best. Also i do not get him vaccinated, he has titre scales done to see if he has enough from previous vacs in his system which he still does.

  4. i did years ago but i have two dogs, one on raw and the other on a different diet now because she is old and finicky and also painfully thin. She has a condition though in which she has to have pancreatic enzymes to help her digest her food. She is a German Shepherd but almost 14yrs old, thinner than Charlie my Greyhound. She has been eating better and i think she may have put on a little weight yay!

    So happy that Jack is doing well!!! Do what works for him and it sounds as if it is :-)

  5. I live in MA Driser, i feed raw to my Greyhound but buy it through a co-op which makes it affordable. My almost 14 yr old German Shepherd was on raw but stopped eating it and is on kibble now and her stools are frequent and much larger. I don't see much of a cost savings on the kibble vs raw. Try cooking a sweet potato, both my dogs get it mixed in their food mashed. I boil one or bake it and one large one lasts about 3 feedings for my two dogs. It may help any tummy issues. You can't just feed when feemeat and expect your dog to get everything he/she needs. They need vitamins and organ meats when feeding raw.

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