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  1. I thought it sounded really similar! It's so frustrating, but eventually you will find what works. I hope that our regiment works for you! FWIW, we go to a vet in Holliston that is really familiar with former racing greyhounds and their deworming needs after the track. I didn't realize this! It sounds like great advice. Your method sounds like a great idea, we will definitely look into Sentinel if Padfoot has another recurrence.
  2. Wow! He's got some lungs on him!! Generally Padfoot and Lupin aren't TOO Dammity of dogs, but every so often.... Lupin: We had made a cherry pie for Thanksgiving this year and knew he would be after it so it was far back on the counter and we had watched him all day. We come in from a walk, and are taking their coats off. He bee lines for the kitchen and I think he's getting a drink. NOPE! Ate a nice chunk out of the crust. Luckily he didn't get much more than that...I just ate the rest of that piece Padfoot: Doesn't like the cold. About 3 weeks ago we got the boys dressed to go outside. Padfoot hadn't made any noise to indicate he had to go out, but it had been a few hours so we were just going to take them out preemptively. He was all dressed, standing in the dining room, DH went to put on his own coat. Padfoot unloaded on the dining room rug. Peed like he hadn't for days. Both of them: We had a few bags of recyclables in the kitchen and we left them for a few days. One of the days we were gone (the boys are muzzled while we aren't home) they got into ALL of the recyclables and strewed them all throughout the kitchen and took a few "prizes" back to their beds. Plastic trays from girl scout cookie boxes. They were able to chew those through the muzzles. Luckily we found all of the pieces! I'm thankful that those are the worst of it so far. Lupin regularly looks for anything he can eat on the ground on walks and will eat whatever it is if we don't catch him, but I consider that normalcy now.
  3. Your experience sounds really similar to ours (minus the poop-eating), so I would say it's likely that the one round here and there didn't get the hookworms completely out. When we adopted our boy he had been treated for hookworm with one 3 day dose of panacur. He never really had good solid poops until about 3 months later, when we switched him to a lower fat content food with beef. Since he had several negative fecals despite runny poops the vet thought it could be related to diet or poultry protein. His poops were always hit-or-miss and would be solid for a while then every so often it would be soft. And always negative fecals. Fast forward to about 8 months after we adopted him. We moved, switched vets, and one day he had a little bit of blood in one stool and it was mucous-y, so we sent in another fecal and it was positive for hookworm AND whipworm. We treated him one 3 day dose of panacur, then again 21 days later for 3 days, then again 3 months later for 3 days. That finally knocked it out and he has had solid poops since. Our new vet thinks that they were there the whole time but because we never caught the fecal at the right time with shed eggs in the poop, they weren't detected. Good luck! Worms are a pain to deal with, but hopefully with rigorous treatment Fusion (and you) will get some relief!
  4. Glad to hear that he had a good day yesterday, hope that many more of them!
  5. Hi Rotifera (as an aside- is your name referencing the Phylum? if so, that is awesome!) We have a greyhound that is definitely not dog park material. I realize that for some greyhounds it works, but ours will do the same as your dog. If the dog is only running away from him, he "flips a switch" so to speak and will essentially run them down. It only took one time of him doing that for us to realize we needed to keep him out of that environment. It only takes one time for something to happen, and after all we want to set our dogs up to succeed. 2 months isn't very long to be used to playing with toys, etc. so I would keep trying and he may get the hang of it. It took a few months but now our GH likes to play fetch with large stuffy toys. The other thing I will recommend, if you haven't tried already, is a flirt pole. It's essentially a large cat-toy that has a toy or other item tied on the end of a piece of rope or bungee (something with some give) and that is attached to a stick. We made ours by taking a small diameter piece of PVC and threading a nylon rope with some give through it to make a length of about 5 feet on the end and then tied a toy with no stuffing to it. Hopefully that makes sense. Our boy will chase that like no-ones business even though he will not run all out with just us or a toy alone. We take that into an empty dog park and he will go to town. Just a suggestion if you want to get him to exercise sans other dogs
  6. Congratulations and welcome home Cristiano!
  7. Great job, Ducky!! I hadn't noticed your siggy either...love it!
  8. In our old apartment we didn't have a hand-held attachment either and used a small pitcher that we filled with water when it was time to rinse. In the winter since they wear PJs all the time inside, if I want to freshen up their smell, I will use a little of the furminator deshedding spray. It seems to help with moisturizing their skin during the winter too. We use coconut oil as an add-in when it's less dry but fish oil in the winter since there is so much less humidity in the air and they tend to get dandruff-y fast.
  9. Love it! She is having so much fun Our galgo boy does the same thing except he would also be jumping on the sofa and running in circles around the living room
  10. Hi there! Congratulations on finally getting Dobby home! Sounds like things are going well so far. Give him some time to acclimate to a new life. Even though was fostered and lived in a home before, this is a whole new family, house, schedule to get used to. Give him some time, lots of patience and understanding, and he will settle in time. Also, I would second putting the bed in your bedroom if the crate doesn't fit. We use a crate for the daytime but have never done so for the nighttime. Padfoot wouldn't be able to settle without being in the same room sleeping as us at night. We closed off the door so that he couldn't explore/pee on things but he settled on his bed and (mostly) slept through the night. I would say for that first week we had a moderate amount of whining and then that was it.
  11. How wonderful! Congratulations to your family and to Zelda!
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