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  1. No... I can't see who Carmen is paired with and I sent you a PM about Kaia as that is my other pair.
  2. Things have been fine since... This morning when we were trying to wake ourselves up and the girls were jumping all over excited Amelia growled at carmen for a second I think to tell her to calm the H down. They had slept perfectly quiet next to each other all night up to that point. I really do think she's trying to say, "hey I'm top dog". Will keep you all posted on more updates. BTW- today is only 3 weeks since we adopted them both.
  3. Ahhhhhhhhh got it! I'm chalking a lot of this up to newness. The husband went home for lunch to let out the pups and he reported they happily chased each other around the yard.
  4. I have to ask... what does NILIF stand for? I am VERY thankful Carmen was not injured from the bite... or scare. Carmen (both are, but especially Carmen) is extremely smart. She seems to be giving Amelia plenty of space right now which I think is pretty darn smart of our little girl. She's not giving her an excuse to lash out at her. I do hope as they continue to settle that both feel more confident and this will not become the norm. Thx for the share and advice!
  5. Last night we carried on as usual. Thankfully it was a very uneventful night. We did eat at the table in the kitchen this time to be safe. While we did both hounds laid next to each other on the kitchen floor quietly. Carmen does seem a little cautious around Amelia now when inside. I am hoping she loosens up a bit with time. She also didn't try to steal Amelia's spot on the couch last night... this may be a good thing moving forward. Thanks everyone for the replies... keeping an eye on them for sure since everything is still very new.
  6. I am hoping these were 2 isolated incidents due to her still acclimating to her new home and maybe a bit of wrong decision on our part. But I will keep notes. Hopefully it's not neurological... our last girl had a brain tumor. Went through the whole MRI, etc with her. She actually never had any aggressive issues. The mass caused seizures with her. I appreciate the response... thank you!
  7. Sorry if I missed this elsewhere, but is anyone organizing the card exchange this year? I remember there was talk of sharing the work after last year. I love getting all the cards... and am willing to help out. Thx!
  8. Well, I spoke a little too soon about bliss at home... See my post in Training and Behavior under "Help! Is this an aggressive dog?" I think I was a little upset when I posted it and have since calmed down. Anyone with wisdom please chime in.
  9. Thx for the reply! Of course the rest of the evening the 2 acted as if nothing happened. And they both seem fine this morning. As another precaution we will not be eating in the family room for a while so we make sure it's not a food aggression issue we are starting. Otherwise they have interacted fine AND eat side-by-side. They even slept near each other last night. Muzzles are on stay-by if we need to use them and we have no issue using them. Thx again!
  10. Let me add I had just sat down with a snack, so I don’t know if this was food related. There was no food involved with the neighbor’s dog incident.
  11. Let me back-track by saying we had the neighbor and her young greyhound over the other day. The 3 were fine in the yard, but once they came inside Amelia went after the other dog and bit her. We chalked it up to her possibly being territorial and since the other grey wasn’t injured we dropped it. Well tonight, and just 10 minutes ago, Amelia went after and bit Carmen. Nothing weird, just a normal, quiet night. The 2 were standing next to each other and suddenly Amelia showed her teeth and lunged at Carmen. I’m not sure what to make of this now... is she trying to establish dominance? Or does she want to be the only dog which causes a problem. Any help or advice is very appreciated... I’m pretty upset right now
  12. Update: both girls are just awesome! I can't believe in just over 2 weeks they both have taken over my house and seem to feel "at home". They now run around the yard and chase each other. At night they now stay in our bedroom with us and they are quite happy to do this. They both just want to be with us. When we leave for work they are quiet and park on the couch. I seriously can't believe they are only 2 and only with us for 2 weeks????????? Only ones pissed are my kitties
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