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  1. THIS!!!!! Definitely one of the reason why I wanted to do it. Also just love getting all of your beautiful hound and other animals cards!
  2. I'll post Nov 1st to gather everyone's info.
  3. Sweet! I will post a new card exchange post when it gets closer, but I'd be totally fine putting a list together for any of us that wants to participate. I'll probably just have everyone PM me their info.
  4. I don't mind! I think you've gotten one from me every year I've participated
  5. If needed, I can put together the exchange list. Won't be anything fancy, would just have everyone's info on it that wants to participate.
  6. I know I’m early here, but really hoping we do these this year. I know I would appreciate some cheer this holiday and I always love getting the beautiful cards with everyone’s hounds on them. And last year was the first time I participated in SS and it was really fun. I’d love to do it again!
  7. Oh boy! I'm glad I posted this. I'm on the Grapehounds mailing list so I got an email right away about it.
  8. Me too... GIG and GRtB are my 2 favorites!
  9. I'm sure everyone knows that GRtB is canceled this year. Is anyone still going down to the beach area then?
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