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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I love this forum! I am inna and I live in New York City with my two lovely male greyhounds, Jasper and Onyx, adopted in the summer of 2012 (and two cats). I have been part of the "greyhound cult" since 1995, when I adopted my first two greyhounds. I always had two, (small apartment situation) would love to have three but not able to do that currently. At the bridge: Corky, (I'm a Corker), Lance, (NR Red Arrow Joe), Henry, (Siesta Henry) and Primetime (Go Bon Primetime)-my heart and soul dog, lost to the horrible osteo July 2012.


    I used to be on the old Greyhound-L that Lynda Adame ran, and had many friends on that list. I wonder if anyone here was on that list as well? Greyt to meet all of you!!

  2. Not sure.... But to be completely honest, highly unlikely. I had special needs dogs in the past. The stress, worry and heartache was difficult to handle to say the least. I don't regret having these dogs, but if I had a choice or knew what I was getting into- I would take a healthy dog and do my best to keep it healthy. I applaud anyone who can afford to take in a special needs dog, (afford it both emotionally and financially). However some animals are meant to be with you. Almost 13 years ago I found a tiny thee week old siamese kitten. Very sick, more dead then alive. Vet check confirmed that he had mitral valve dysplasia. His heart murmur was on the highest count. Two separate vets told that I would be lucky to have him for 6 months, 1 year at most. I decided to keep him, figured he will just have a nice home and someone to love and take care of him until it becomes apparent that he is suffering, then I will let him go. Well he is still with me, (curled up in a ball on the couch as I type this), he will be turning 13 in April. He is quite healthy, still very playful and very sassy. You never know.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Tempo is stunning and far too young to have to deal with osteo. I too lost my heart greyhound this past July to osteo. He too was the center of my life and only 8 when diagnosed. For a variety of reasons he was not a candidate for amputation and I let him go 6 weeks after the diagnosis when it became clear to me that he was in great deal of pain. I still cry when I think about it. I hope that your boy's young age will help him recover faster and live a long life. I do know someone on another greyhound group, (on facebook) whose greyhound was diagnosed with osteo, they went the amputation route and he lived for another NINE, (9 years)! Sometimes we get lucky. Best to you and gorgeous Tempo.

  4. I hope it's nothing serious! I have been there with osteo (my heart dog at age 8). I am not a vet but in my experience with lameness (had all kinds of non fatal lameness issue with my greys over the years) it tends to be somewhat less serious when it's acute, such as an injury. With osteo is starts off kind of slowly and gradually the lameness increases. So hopefully your girl's lameness is due to something not too serious.

  5. I tend to keep mine at racing weight but we are also very active, we walk several miles every day, they get to run several times a week and I feed them a raw diet which keeps their weight down. Both boys are very muscular and basically look more or less the way they did when racing. I think your grey may be slightly thin but her muscles are also well defined so maybe a couple of pounds but not more then 2-4lb. It also depends on the dog's overall build and bone structure, (just like with people!). My Onyx is very lanky, very long and tall and while he is in good shape you can still see the last few ribs and the tips of his hips. He is so classic looking, has the best gait, he trots like a show dog. He is thin but not skinny-that is just his built. Jasper, my other boy is really solid and kind of stocky and very muscular. His butt muscles are huge and he has a very deep chest, you can see the last few ribs but barely the tips of his hip bones, although you can feel them. There is no fat on him, he is at racing weight but looks "fatter". So I think the greyhound overall build contributes to their overall appearance.

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