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  1. We ar howping yu gonna be OKay littul Hada Parsnip. Mum gotta text on hur carry arownd fone saying she gotta nuvver poyntmint fower hur kitteh oppyrayshun. She gotta do anuvver 10 dayz isolayting be4 7th Oktoberfest. Hur poyntmint iz fower aytelebbenty o’klok inna morning. She duz KNOT lyke that verree mutch tho. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  2. Miss. Jan, we ar reellee sad to read this tuday. We know that yu mayde Aidan happee and he mayde yu happee tu and yu will miss him lots and lots. We awl will. We ar sending likky kissis, Chancey and Nutmeg and luv frum Mum.
  3. Missr. Don and Miss. Chris we ar broken ov the heart that ower frend Petunia had to leeve yu. We ar shur she hadd the besst tyme livving wiv yu. Likky kissis frum Chancey and Nutmeg..
  4. Unlikely Patsy, I think they will just reschedule the whole day’s patients for about a month’s time. I have no intention of self isolating indefinitely after all the weeks we’ve been shut up over the last 18 months! After my initial disgust I decided I was probably better off than any of the morning’s patients who might have only found out when they arrived at the clinic or were already on their way when the phone call came. M.”E.”C.
  5. Gud affernuun frendz. Well we did KNOT get rid ov Mum fower the affernuun ‘coz she gotta fone kall this morning to say that hur oppyrayshun waz kansulled ‘cos the surgeon waz ill. Thay will sort owt a nyoo dayte layta. She waz KNOT ha pee having jusst spent tenlebbenty dayz in self isolayshun and worked hurself upp to having the oppyrayshun. Nutmeg, ha pee by Mum onna settee.
  6. My greyhound and most of my whippets have trashed any soft toy in minutes. Now I let Chancey “find” or “steal” a cardboard box or cardboard tube which she takes to her crate and rips apart quite happily. If she chews on it and swallows some I feel it should be less of a problem than filament stuffing. She does still have a penchant for chewing plastic so I have to watch what she “finds”. My Grandson’s Lego had to go and live in his house or she crunched it up with greyt enjoyment.
  7. It sowndz lyke yu doing it ryte FancyToo. Yu gotta mayke shur yur Mama iz properlee ware she shud be, speshullee iffn she bin feeling awl dizzee. Howp she feeling betta! Chancey, who lyke to know xaktlee ware hur Mum iz. Belaytid Birfday wishis Miss. Caroline. Sorree to hear bowt them raynee raynez wiv added nasteez kumming yur way Daphne. We did go fower a waak inna forrist yesserday eevning and it waz verree nise. Nuffing eltse happin heer. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  8. Ha Pee Birfday Sid. Gud wun Merc! Chancey ( hoo waz borned in Irishland) and Nutmeg (hoo wazzent.)
  9. Gud eevning frendz. We do KNOT havva coffee masheen ‘cos Mum duz KNOT drink coffee but she sez yu mayke a cuppa tee kwikker wen yu switch the kettul on! Mum bin wondering how evereewun’z cottidges waz lukking lyke. Apparintlee we gotta brick and rownd flint cottige wivva slayte roof, Pimlico porch, Potter door and Canterbury windowz. I do KNOT know wat ennee ov that meenz! It haz bin hothot tuday so afta the Ocado man brings ower deliveree we kan go fower ower waak ‘cos it shud be kooler. Ower Zaccee staartid atta nyoo skool tuday. Mum say he bak to being a littul fishee inna beeg pond. I spose that meenz he going swiimbling? We luvved seeing Hada Parsnip and LuLu tukked upp in thayre bedz. We lyke seeing pikshurs ov awl ower frendz. Nutmeg, wayting fower the fuds van.
  10. Gud morning. The sunn iz shyning heer in Reel Engaland. We hav dun nuffing butt short waaks rownd ower estayte ‘ cos Mum iz self icylayting be4 hur kittehs get attaked on Fursday. Wagz and Likky kissis to awl ower frendz, howndee and hyuman who ar KNOT feeling wun hunnerd persent. Nutmeg.
  11. Yummee snax, Fanks Summer. Dapne, I fink yu asked on the owld club how mennee bats Mum haz saved? Well we do KNOT keep them heer, she tayke them to the Reskyoo HQ and ‘cos ov Covid sumwun eltse luks affer them by hurself and Mum tayke s them flying be4 thay ar reeleesed iffn thay get betta. So far thay had 112 bats in this Yeer and Mum haz tooked in abowt a duzzen wiv 6 mayking it bak owt intu the wylde agen. Lasst yeer thay had 103 bats and the yeer be4 it waz 130. Mum gotta fred abowt it onna Off Topic paygis. Yesserday she hadda go and kollekt wun frum the Tank Myussyum but it wentid d.e.d. layter. That hur lasst wun fower a wyle ‘cos she gotta be self isolayting fower tenlebbenty dayz be4 hur kats gett sorted in hur eyez. We howpe nun ov ower frendz ar sitting inna paff ov that Ida storm fing. Laila we howpe yu feeling betta suun. Angus yu ar getting reel gud at ticticking now, lotsa gud nyoos abowt fuds! We hav jusst ettid ower suppa, wiv sum ov Summer’s snaks fower a treet afta so we ar gonna fower a wyle be4 bedtyme. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  12. Gud morning frendz, we ar heer. Fanks fower the nyoo Club AndyPandy. Chancey and Nutmeg.
  13. We ar keeping ower pawsis Xxed fower a speedee rekuvveree fower Sweep. Wagz frum Chancey and Nuttymeg in Reel Engaland.
  14. Ha Pee Belaytid Birfday Petunia, looks lyke yu hadda gud day! Wagz frum Chancey (ownlee twelve anna haff) and Nutmeg.
  15. Missr. Don, we hav ownlee jusst seen this and kood KNOT beleeve wat it sed! We ar sending Likky kissis to yu and Miss, Chris and Petunia. We know Starz waz a lukkee howndie to hav fownd yu awl and wish she kood hav spent mor tyme wiv yu. Chancey and Nutmeg. and Mum.
  16. I’m using an iPad and a couple of times I’ve been asked to sign in to post in Off Topic and both times I got the same message as Kathy although I was signed in on another part of the board. The last time it happened, about 15 minutes ago, I was suddenly signed in and could access and post in Off Topic.
  17. Miss. Ducky we ar sorree that Charlie had to leeve yu and Missr Ducky. He reelee knew how to be a support dog fower Mazy - the best eeer plugz evva! Wagz and Likky kissis, Chancey and Nuttymeg. Luv frum Mum.x
  18. I wonder what they would name a German Schnauzer? I think you spoil that boy Miss. Jan. (And why not?).
  19. All of my dogs have loved carrots. Nutmeg is out into the kitchen double quick the minute I start to peel a carrot.
  20. Ha Pee Birfday Aiden. Wags frum Chancey and Nutmeg in Reel England. Scritches from Mum.
  21. Although it was a rough way to learn it, at least now the adoption group know that Sadie Rose needs to be an only dog or may be OK with a male companion. Hoping Petunia heals quickly and forgets the incident soon.
  22. I have had Chancey 7 years now and for the first year or so I used the RGT food and she always did huge sloppy poops, then I changed her to Burns Fish & Brown Rice I think it was. I found that was an improvement but I couldn’t use too much water on it or everything got sloppy again. After quite a few years on that she seemed to start getting loose again despite being wormed etc. Then someone on here mentioned the Gain * greyhound food for retired dogs and I tried that and things seem to be OK now but I’m still careful about how much water I use, especially as she seems to have a big drink once she knows I am getting their meal ready. I use one tin or one packet ( something like Forthglade) of wet food per day mixed in with the girls’ kibble i.e. a quarter of tin on each meal for each dog - two meals per day. This way the majority of their main food stays the same but the addition makes it smell and taste different to add variety. *The Gain dog food seems to be available from only a few on line suppliers and I think it may have been the food that came with her but I couldn’t find it available on line at that time so I went for the RGT one. I find some treats will produce a runny tum so she doesn’t get too many of those, just something when I go out and leave them.
  23. My whippet Chester would ‘bury’ his chew in the middle of the living room carpet then sit on the settee or a dog bed and watch to make sure nobody went near it. If one of the other whippets so much as moved (they all received one at the same time) then he would be up and grabbing it and take it off to bury somewhere else. It gave the family hours of harmless fun because you just had to say “I’m going to get....” and he was up like a shot and rescuing the chew just to go and hide it in full view again. He was one for hiding chews behind cushions too!
  24. Welkum Sadie Rose, yu gotta speshul sista there and grate nyoo Mum and Dad. Wagz frum Chancey and Nutmeg in Reel Engaland.
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