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  1. Gud morning frendz. Huh! Mum sez pooling upp weeds musst be betta than pooling owt green grassy peesis frum ower bums, whitch iz wat she bin having to do fower the passt kuppla dayz. And at fowerlebbenty ov the klok owt inna gaardin in hur jimjams iz KNOT the besst tyme! Belaytid Birfday greetings Missr. Jim. That lukked lyke a gud neerlee roach to me Miss. Kathy. Chancey awlways struggle to roach. Sowndz lyke yu hadda gud butt belaytid Birfday sellebrayshun Haymish. it iz still hothothot heer and we bin waaking inna eevningz wiv ower Dexta and Miss. Fran. Mum bin doing sum gaardning, mayking nyoo flows beds and buying and planting Heucheras. We gotts so mennee weedz owt the frunt she jusst orda a weed burner and a leef vacyuum /mulcher fower awl the holly leafs in the back gaardin! Dunno iffn it iz gonna wurk well butt we see. Itt sowndz lyke Miss. Ceenfya bin doing impotent wurk! How iz Miss. Tin doing wiv hur impotent Nyoo wurk. Howpe any poorly parents ar feeling betta. Wagz to awl ower frendz, tayke kare, Nutmeg.
  2. Ha Pee Birfday Haymish! Mum tooked us owt to the gowf korse erlee this morning and we saw lotsa skwirrulz AND a deer that runned away and I barkbarkbarkEd at itt. We hav dun nuffing tuday, Mum haz bin wurking owt inna gaardin agen and we sunbaffed until we got too hot. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  3. Annie needs to take lessons from that expert!
  4. Gud morning frendz, we ar heer butt hav KNOT bin ticticcing ‘cos KNOT mutch haz bin happening. Feel betta suun Miss. Caroline and everee wun eltse who feeling fragile. We bin waaking wiv Dexta and Miss. Fran everee morning this week. Mum took us to the gowf korse layte wun eevning and I hadda chants to run and run, it waz fun! Fursday eevning Mum tooked us to the gowf korse wiv Miss. Sally (atta distance) and hur leetul floofy Papillons But then tryed to waak further and fownd it mayke hur ankul ayke so we kan KNOT do that agen fower a wyle. The fyre iz still kawsing problimz furtha upp inna forrist, 40+ mph windee windz do KNOT halp. I waz inna dog howse afta I stole and ett Mum’z scrumpled egg on towste offa hur playte. She leftid itt onna tabul wyle she tawk wiv Missr. Mark atta distance. Wen she kum bak indoorz it waz gon! Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nottee Nuttymeg.
  5. Sorry Elizabeth, I only watched The Jerk DVD once and was underwhelmed with it. I learnt ‘Tonight you belong to me” by watching it umpteen times on YouTube and singing along with it then practicing with Richard.. M.”E.”C.
  6. Glad to hear yu hadda greyt day Tiger. Wagz frum Chancey and Nutmeg.
  7. Buddy, yu kan awlwayz kum and joyne us. Wagz frum Nutmeg.
  8. Miss Noo Carol, you just brought back memories to me because Missr. R. and I used to sing that Steve Martin ukulele number together (minus the trumpet). One of his favourite films was The Jerk and I bought him a DVD of it. M.”E.”C.
  9. He is obviously taking after Lila , bed guru of the WFUBCC.
  10. I’m not sure which of you has the most fun!
  11. The name Hermione is Greek. There have been at least two actresses with the name, Hermione Gingold and Hermione Baddeley Also in Shakespeare. M.”E”.C.
  12. gud erlee morning frendz. I woked evereebodee upp at o’dark erlee o’klok this morning to be let owt. Mum say she wud hav writed jusst lyke Miss. Patsy. Klowdee this morning, sum rayne to damp down the forrist wood be gud butt itt KNOT expektid. Fanks fower the nyoo Club Haymish and Fanks fower awl the yummee s aks Myka. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  13. Gud eevning frendz. Gess hoo tooked us fower a waak this morning? Kan yu gess? It waz ower Dexta and Miss. Fran! Mum hadda aks Miss. Fran to waak us ‘cos yesserday morning she fownd that baad ankul ov hurz waz hurting agen. She fink sumhow she wrench it wen a stone slipped unda hur foot the day be4. It did KNOT feel bad ryte away but yesserday she kood KNOT waak us verree far. Dexta waz sooo pleesed to see us and we wer reel happee to see him. Thay gonna tayke us fower anuvver waak agen tumorrow then see how Mum’s ankul iz. Mum haz been mayking nyoo rokeree beds inna frunt gaardin and now she gotta staart mayking sum inna bak gaardin ‘cos the grass iz non existent ‘cos of the shayde frum the beeg holly trees. Mum bought sum nyoo Heuchera plants to grow inna shayde. Ivy, we howped yur Momma wood lyke that kaard. Yu gonna havva lotta kittehs at yur howse Haymish! I assume Hermione iz gonna be a playmate fower Albus ‘cos Nikita duz KNOT wanna play? Do KNOT stay owt inna sun fower too long Miss. Patsy, we do KNOT want yu peenk and sun burned. Mum foned hur GP surgurree on Fryingday and they hav sed she kan hav hur Vitamin B12 injekshunz agen and she gotta poyntmint on Thursday. She iz verree happee abowt that! She gotta try and finnish riting the story wiv this week’s spellings fower ower Zaccee, inklooding Parallellallogram or sumfing lyke that . Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  14. Sad though you feel about this, just think that you will actually help him in finding the correct home for him. When I got her, just a month off the track, my Chancey was a nightmare to take out, screaming and leaping at other dogs. I kept her muzzled on every walk for over three years until she eventually calmed down. Food didn’t really distract her and it is difficult to get treats through a muzzle, however I live on a housing estate next to a forest so although we met plenty of other dogs I could keep her apart from them. I still preferred to use a martingale collar on her but could hold it tight up behind her ears as she leapt shoulder high beside me. Unfortunately it sounds as though you don’t have the luxury of space in which to avoid meeting, or close contact with the small fluffies so for your hound’s safety perhaps returning him might be the best thing.
  15. I can take mine out for an hour long walk and they will both do plenty but when we arrive back home there is every chance that Nutmeg the little lurcher will go out in the garden and do a wee. There is a link to a useful article in the Everything Else section - “Brain cramp”.
  16. Looks lyke yu hadda greyt Birfday Miss. M. Miss. Jan shur knows how to look afta yu. Awl I gottid wazza tiddly littul byte of roast beest wen I waz eleven bak in Janyooree. Wagz frum Chancey and Nuttymeg too.
  17. Found some from another supplier whose p&p charges were exorbitant because they somehow decided it was x3 rates of £6+ but I ordered 2 bags just to keep Chancey’s innards doing OK.
  18. Oh rats! I took your advice some months ago and put my two onto the Gain dried food. Like a Rachel I used to order 2 bags of the old food to get free delivery but found I had to pay delivery charges on each bag of Gain when I ordered two so I only ordered one last time to save room. I had better get another order in double quick!
  19. But where are the purkle panties? Heal up soon LuLu.
  20. Yu dun gud Tiger! Wagz frum Chancey and Nutmeg.
  21. How nice to know that she left you in her own time and on her own bed, it could have been so much worse. We know she will be greatly missed. Miss. “England” Carol, Chancey and Nutmeg.
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