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  1. I rinse our dogs paws after walking on the salted sidewalks - people here go crazy with the salt. Do you still need to rinse after walking if you use the mushers, or does it provide a good barrier? I was thinking about getting something this winter, as their paws can get pretty roughed up from the salt
  2. I am so sorry for your sudden loss of Leia. Sending hugs to you and your wife.
  3. I second this! It really fills out their meal, plus they seem to like the taste, and poos are firmer.
  4. Our boy, Elliott, who will be 12 in January, has been on Metacam for about two months for arthritis pain. We haven't noticed any negative side effects, only positive improvement in his mobility. Our vet said the best thing for him is to keep him moving, and we have definitely noticed that he is getting around better, and taking longer daily walks and wanting to play more, like his old self. We give it with his breakfast meal and he doesn't seem to object to the taste (it supposedly has a honey flavor). He weighs 87 pounds, and we had him on an 80 lb dose for the first several weeks, but have calibrated down to a 70 lb dose, which is just as effective for himThe stuff is pretty expensive here in the US - hopefully it is less expensive in Canada for you.
  5. I am sorry for your loss. Run free, Percy.
  6. Sending good wishes for Aiden. When we adopted Lea, she had already had one of her rear toes amputated and she's never had a problem with it.
  7. Lea starts pacing and sniffing when a thunderstorm is approaching - she always knows in advance. When the thunder starts, she trembles and pants like crazy. Usually either my husband or I will curl up next to her and try to soothe her - it helps a bit, but mostly makes us feel better, I think. Luckily she calms quickly when the thunder stops.
  8. Thanks for sharing your photos and memories of Mary, Fencetop and Wafer. Very sweet.
  9. I'm sorry for your loss. Godspeed, Lady.
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