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  1. This is such a beautiful sentiment. And very comforting in our time of loss.
  2. That's a very sweet offer. She's such a doll. I actually lost two boys in two days -- my first foster dog James Bond (Windy Chet) passed away on Sunday. Too many sweet greys getting their angel wings. Very sorry for your loss. It sounds like you can really relate to what I'm feeling -- a lot of guilt about assuming it was LS and not pushing them to check for osteo right away. Not only that, he was a corndog, so he has basically limped since we've had him. I don't understand why my regular vet didn't suggest x-rays before referring us to Dr. Mike for PRP injections. I can't help but wond
  3. I post to Greytalk's FB page more often than the website -- here's what I posted on Sunday: Osteosarcoma claimed another precious life. We had to say good-bye to our boy Luke yesterday. He passed away peacefully in our arms on our front porch -- his favorite spot. We loved him so much and he brought us such joy. Now our hearts are broken and the house feels so empty without him. I realized yesterday that euthanasia is taking our companion's pain from them and giving it to ourselves. That must be the truest meaning of love.
  4. Luke (U Too Isaiah) 9/26/05 - 9/3/16 ~ Forever in our hearts

  5. I wanted to share this update -- It turned out that Luke had osteosarcoma, not LS. The cancer did not show up on his first x-rays in mid-August, which is when he began receiving PRP injections at Animal General in Cranberry, PA, under the wonderful care of Dr. Mike Hutchinson. (Very highly recommended!) Luke wasn't sedated for the first set of x-rays, so they couldn't get the best views. Last Friday, he went in for his second PRP injection, but they sedated him first to get better x-rays to make sure they hadn't missed anything. They found osteosarcoma and a pathologic fracture in his lef
  6. I was James' foster mom -- and have shared my condolences with Matt and Rachel. This loss is devastating -- he was still so young. James crossed the bridge just one day after we had to say goodbye to Luke (racing name U Too Isaiah). Run free, sweet boys.
  7. Thank you both for your recommendation of Dr. Radcliffe. I called his office today and he's only practicing two days a week now -- and booked up for the next two weeks. Not going to work for us this time.
  8. We have HealthyPaws insurance, and have just about met the deductible, which won't reset until April 2017. So the cost of most of Luke's care will be reimbursed at 90%. This means, thankfully we will not have to worry much about the cost of his care. We would get an MRI if a vet felt it was necessary. That's really encouraging to hear that Adequan helped your girl so much. Thanks for the message.
  9. Very sorry for your loss. Going through something similar right now. *Hugs*
  10. I would definitely give Adequan a try if a vet offered to give it. We have an appointment with a chiropractor vet on Wednesday. Crossing my fingers it will bring him some relief.
  11. My vet said she'd feel more comfortable if I found someone who did the injections before so she could be sure she was doing it right. She thought the treatment sounded like a good idea, but she was scared she'd hit the spine without watching someone do it correctly first. If we can't get him moving around better by the end of the week, I think we will have to say goodbye to our boy. Many greyhounds with LS have clearly had tremendous results. So that said, I really don't care what the doctors say about the injections -- what do we have to lose at this point?
  12. Has anyone had success treating lumbosacral stenosis? I've heard great things about Depo-Medrol injections and I'm looking for a vet in Pittsburgh who is willing to give these a try. Getting desperate -- we might have to say goodbye to our 11-year-old boy Luke soon. :'( http://www.greyhound-data.com/dir/397/Lumbosacral_Stenosis.pdf http://www.greyhound-data.com/dir/397/Lumbosacral_Stenosis.pdf
  13. Beautiful, heartfelt tribute. It's clear how much your boy was loved. So sorry for your loss.
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