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  1. Consult with Dr. Couto: http://www.coutovetconsultants.com/
  2. X-rays. I had asked the associate vet at the practice to x-ray the entire leg because I'm always suspicious of osteosarcoma when an older Greyhound starts limping. She told me the x-rays looked fine, and that the knee felt loose and we were most likely looking at a ligament issue. I was suspicious of that diagnosis because I knew it was rare for a Greyhound to have an ACL/CCL injury absent a significant trauma, which my girl hadn't had. Her foot swelled the next day so back to the vet we went where we saw the practice owner who was our regular vet. He reviewed the x-rays and discovered that the rads the associate took stopped at the ankle. He x-rayed the foot and found the break.
  3. I had a 12 year old Greyhound's broken toe misdiagnosed as a knee ligament tear. Be very, very skeptical of a torn ACL/CCL diagnosis, they're quite rare in Greyhounds.
  4. Killian was adopted by someone in upstate New York who eventually became unable to care for him. He came to me at age 12, we were together about thirteen months. Our time was way too short. He too loved the sun. He was wonderful with our cat and all dogs big and small. He and Kane really do look a lot alike.
  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. Killian (Rooftop Collins) passed in April of this year. He was a big, handsome, red Adonis of a dog -- a real looker. He and Kahn certainly share a family resemblance.
  6. I saw your response to the "Can You Help" thread and just had to reach out to you. I was about to add Sweet Lily for my greyhound, Rooftop Kahn, but saw that you had already added her for Rooftop Collins. I can't believe I stumbled upon Kahn's brother's human!

    Sadly, Kahn passed away a few weeks ago at 13 1/2 years wise, and I miss him so much. I think of him every day. I was wondering if you had any pictures of Collins just so I could see what his brother looked like in retirement? Here are a couple of my favorites of Kahn. He will live in my heart forever.

    All the best to you.


    Rooftop Kahn.jpg

  7. Sweet Lily, http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=1324188 -- 31 generations removed from my boy Rooftop Collins, http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=1399424
  8. Make sure the vet is aware that carboplatin can be given to Greyhounds with a lower neutrophil count than the typical low cutoff. Dr. Couto's number five years ago was 1500 neutrophils per microliter, I don't believe that's changed but you or your vet can reach out to him. Amputation without sufficient chemotherapy does not improve median survival times. Please don't let your vet compromise your girl's chances by withholding chemo without a consult with Dr. Couto. Good luck to you both.
  9. The contact info for Dr. Couto is incorrect in the first post of the osteo thread. His web site is http://www.coutovetconsultants.com/. Basically you write to coutovetconsultants@gmail.com describing the issue. They used to list a $125 fee but I don't see it on the site now. Hind end weakness is not uncommon in senior Greyhounds. My soon to be 13 year old tripod (front left) has been showing progressive hind end weakness for several months. I manage it with a daily combination of Previcox, gabapentin and tramadol with occasional Adequan injections as needed. Hugs to your hound.
  10. Make sure to give her the gabapentin every eight hours. Greyhounds metabolize gabapentin faster than other breeds and need the more frequent dosing. You can also talk to your neurologist about increasing the dose.
  11. Sent email as requested to contact you. Snuggles's Mom

  12. Please contact me at bob@greyhoundguy.com before making this decision.
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