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  1. My 12 year old Wink learned to sit at the ripe old age of 11! Not the brightest lightbulb, she always had a perfectly good natural sit on the couch or in the car just was very uncomfortable doing it on deman... and still is. Her rear end and legs get all shaky with nerves because she HATES to sit on demand. Birdie has no problem and neither did my big tall male gh. As for the leash walking .... Their training at the track required them to walk well on a leash, but out in front of the handler who was trying to wrangle several dogs at once. I think it is from that training that they seem to naturally want to walk out front. I don't have a problem with that as long as there is no pulling. Obviously I am not into training Your dogs sounds perfect to me.
  2. Has he been walking on concrete or pavement? Sometimes some pink will show on the pads just from wear on hard surfaces. If it is smooth, pink and soft it may be wear. Corns have a different texture, are harder than surrounding pad and if you haven't see it yet, will see some edge to them.
  3. Hi Rachel, just saw your Wubsy video. We had a dog named Wow Wow Wubsy running at Wonderland. I wonder if they are related. What track are you hanging at...Southland?

  4. Yup... dropped muscle. I have seen many. No worries about it effecting his health.
  5. Kim and Rob, I'm so sorry for your loss. Benson was a great dog.....
  6. True led the best life.... 13 is a good age for any dog. She went quickly and spared you the pain of making that ultimate decision that most of us have to. Deramaxx hopefully made those last couple of hours easier on her. I know for you saying goodbye to True was like saying goodbye to such a big part of your life. She was an amazing dog and she had the best life with you. Stop second guessing and just remember all she was to you.... all the good things she brought to your life.
  7. I'm so sorry Caroline. She was such a sweet dog who loved you dearly.
  8. Welcome from the Seacoast of NH.
  9. Wink has one similar to Emily's. It comes and goes. The vet is not concerned, this has been an ongoing thing for about 3 years.
  10. Welcome from the NH Seacoast. My Birdie is also a KST offspring. Welcome to the world of greyhounds.
  11. I don't know, but what I am thinking is .... He was hurt and stressed by the incident that caused the injury, add that to the stress most dogs feel going to the vet and for me that totally explains his behavior. I don't see it having anything to do with you being "grumpy" if you were not yelling at him or acting out in any other way. JMO
  12. Hey there Gale, did you know the reunion is Sept 10 this year?

    How is your gang doing?

  13. I love those sabled fawns. So striking looking. Congrats on your new addition. Those O'Donnell dogs are the best!
  14. Welcome from the NH Seacoast. You are brave to take on a greyhound puppy! LOL
  15. Works wonderfully here.... I put it in my planting gardens this spring where they LOVE to dig. They tried once and have left it alone since.
  16. Finnsliz


    Jack and Peet, I am so sorry for you loss. Those sweet boys leave such a big hole in your heart.
  17. what she said And could we add "seeing your post has been removed doesn't mean post it again"? What they said
  18. We have added a puppy to our house quite seamlessly. Our old lady, Wink, is her cuddle partner and Birdie her playmate,teacher and disciplinarian. http://forum.greytal..._1#entry4860278 Smokey was just about 3 months old when she came home. The way you describe your grey's personality sounds a lot like my hounds. They lived with cats as well but we don't have cats now. She should do just fine with a puppy. Supervision and a crate are key! Good luck with your search.
  19. Hi Carol, No pred experience with that reaction, but just wanted you to know that is how Wink reacts to pain (shivering/shaking, trancing and weird yelping for what seems no reason). Could he be in any pain due to his tumor? Please give the handsome FedX a kiss for us.
  20. Hi Bill from the seacoast of NH!
  21. My Finn was diagnosed with arthritis in his wrist when he was only 3.5 years old. It is possible. Hoping Em's issues are simple and treatable.
  22. Finnsliz

    Sweet Mama Ro

    Mama Roo was a special girl
  23. Finnsliz


    This is the way I will always remember your handsome boy. I know how much he will be missed. I'm so sorry Jeff and Trudy.
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