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  1. Happy Birthday Phene, ...such a stunningly handsome and sweet boy. I am typing this with Wink's 13 1/2 year old head on my lap and feeling very lucky.
  2. These boys take such a huge chunk of our hearts when the go. Hugs to you and Paul Dee. I'm so sorry.
  3. You didn't happen to get your Daisy through Amazing Greyz did you?
  4. My dogs have always dropped weight when the weather gets cooler. They are also far more active with the cooler temps
  5. Finnsliz


    Bill and I were so sad to hear the news. We are so glad we got to see him last month at the reunion still looking so handsome. You were a wonderful guardian to him through all of this. Thank you for loving him so well.
  6. Corns suck! Once you start seeing part of a clear margin I found that soaking the foot in Epsom salts for a few hours can help bring the corn to the surface . I used paper towels saturated with Epsom salt solution in the bottom of a sandwich sized baggie. Place the baggie with the paper toweling on the corn area and cover the baggie with the Therapaw. Leave it on for a few hours. The area around the corn becomes so softened that the corn usually can be hulled out very easily. I used to just pull them out gently. This was the most effective treatment I found. Unfortunately they usually do come back When you actually see what comes out you will not be surprised at why they cause so much pain. The ones I got were shaped exactly like a diamond, round on the outside with a sharp point at the end and hard as a rock!
  7. At my vet which was on the North Shore of Massachusetts that visit would have been around the 150$ range. This is a pretty expensive area of the country in general.
  8. Here you go Robin. These were taken at my sisters getaway (Maine) in May. Thanks for the link. Wink and Loca will forever be associate in my mind as well. Wink and Loca circa 2004
  9. Wink is my first greyhound I have had the privilege of seeing through her twilight years. At 13 she is developing some issues with mobility, vision and mild confusion., She remains her ever sweet self. Mobility- She is rapidly losing control of her back end. Progressive atrophy of the muscles in her hip area makes her very ungraceful when traveling in any direction, but straight ahead. Some knuckling under of her rear feet has started although she can stillslowly correct them at this point. Her tail doesn't wag anymore She can still hop on and off her couch and has no elimination issues. She has this "barking in my face" behavior, (this is NOT out of character ) which escalates to several times in the evening. It has always meant "I want to go out" so I continue to let her out when she does it but I know she is not needing to go out as often as she is telling me. It seems she needs more calories to maintain her weight. She has never turned her nose up to any food, but started walking away from her kibble especially her AM meal. She has dropped some weight and I don't want her missing any meals at this point so I added wet food to her kibble and she eats that. Yesterday AM she managed to eat around all her kibble, I didn't want her missing any calories so she got the entire can of wet food in the AM and at her normal half and half mixture for supper. Woke up this AM to a huge mess in the dog's room.... even after letting them out at 2:30 this AM because she was barking. I am hoping it is just because she had too much wet food yesterday. I have cooked up a huge pot of rice and meat which she will be eating for a few days. She is still happy and her regular sweet self. Had her annual physical in July with no issues noted. Anyways.. I guess my point of all this is ...Any advice from those experienced in the elderly hounds? She will go gracefully and with dignity. I pray God tells me the day before she experiences any pain or the anxiety of not being to move on her own to let her go.
  10. I think she will be fine. She sounds like a young dog that has been raised on a farm and just not used to all the attention she is getting. It's not that they don't get attention on the farm but that they live a "dogs life", usually in acre sized pens running and playing all day. If they were deemed not worthy for the track then they miss out on the hands on attention that the others get through the training process. She will blossom and learn to love her new life. You can adopt a bouncing outgoing dog from the kennel, take him home and he turns into a shy fearful dog. I had that experience with my first. It's all about letting them settle in and adjust. I don't ever tell adopters taking dogs home that what they see at the kennel is what they will get at home. I always tell them it will be a journey of discovery... that their dog will become who they are over a period of time. I have adopted 3 greys and long term fostered 1. NONE of them turned out to be like their "kennel reputations". but they all turned out well Fingers crossed that she passes her cat test. She looks and sounds like a real sweetie.
  11. Could be a corn. If so the soaking in epsom salts will soften and define the margins. An easy way to do this is to really soak a few paper towels in the water/epsom salts. Fold the sopping paper towels and put in the bottom of a baggie. Position the baggie over his foot so the paper towels are at the bottom and tape at the top to keep in place. Then put a sock over it. (I have a therapaw which works better, but a sock will work in a pinch.) This will also help if it is a foreign object and wont hurt if it is anything else. If it's a corn it is not a medical emergency, just pain management issue.
  12. Oh Nancy I was so sad to hear that news. Thank you for giving him such a wonderful home. He was such a sweetie. We loved taking care of him at the kennel.
  13. I'm sorry Deb. He was such a handsome boy.
  14. Oh Jayne, that is so sad. I am so sorry, she was too young:)
  15. We have mice as well in our 1875 house. I found a recipe to use of equal parts baking soda and sugar. Place in a shallow dish along the walls . According to the site I found this on, mice can't expel gas (from either end) and this harmless mixture will kill them. Don't know if this is true or not, but we tried it and no mice, but that could be pure coincidence... Nothing worse than sticking your arm into the dog food container and having a mouse jump at you first thing in the morning. Although it does get your blood flowing
  16. Little Miss Winkie will be 13 in July and has been happy and healthy on her Purina One or Exceed (Sam's Club) or Kirkland feed. All have basically the same ingredients and we have no difficulties switching between the 3.
  17. I just returned mine to Costco in a trash bag.... I had my slip so no problem. In the same boat as Jennifer, plus I don't have my receipt. They did call me today though so it isn't like they don't know I bought a bag recently. I'm going to call them and see what they will do. If they called you they have a record of your transaction and can look it up on their computers. You should have no difficulty returning the food with or without a slip.
  18. I just returned mine to Costco in a trash bag.... I had my slip so no problem.
  19. My Wink is no longer on heartworm meds. She has started having reactions to imunizations, combinations of meds, etc. At 12.5 we feel the risk of heartworm is secondary to the immediate reactions she has developed to most medications and my vet agrees. We applied natural insect repellent on her this summer. luckily she doesn't react to pain meds.
  20. I went through similar scenarios with my late greyt Finn. I never got definitive answers. When the last exam's suggestion was a VERY COSTLY MRI that is when I started to smarten up. My advice is to go with the path less invasive. Really rest him. I trusted my local vet more than the surgeon expert and more importantly my local vet trusts me. The other big issue with greyhounds is the "high drama vs shut down factor" Most greyhounds shut down in response to the big pain. Exams can show very inconsistant reactions to pain. They are sometimes very frustrating for their vets .....hard to weed out the stress shut down factor from real pain. Good luck with your pup. It always sucks to see them in pain. Oh btw... what the expert was suggesting was the problem that needed surgery... WASN'T
  21. Hi Marina, hope all is well with you. :)


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