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  1. This is what we do for Wink. We just cut a snood in half length wise and slipped it up over her behind. It is very comfy and stays in place. We can grab it and help her off the couch or help guide her down the stairs to the outside. I don't know if it would work on a male dog, but it is the perfect solution here as she just wears it all the time. She will be 14 in July and thank goodness it is her only issue.
  2. Birdie has dropped a lot of weight with her illness. (IMHA) We are feeding her 3x daily a mix of her regular kibble and Winks homemade slop (pasta or rice with hamburg, ground pork and veggies) She is not gaining weight. She is turning her nose up at some things she used to love, like bananas. I think it may be the chemo drug she is on as I know chemo affects humans taste buds, but that is just a guess on my part. Any other healthy but fattening suggestions for the skinny one? She is currently feeling just OK, not back to normal, but not feeling badly either. Just had another blood check today and her platelet count has remained at 28. We are giving the medication one more week and then will be off to the Internal medicine vet if she is not more improved. (Doxi, pred, azathiapromine, sucralfate) So .... the fun part is fattening up a greyhound.... suggestions please.
  3. I'm so sorry Lucy. What an amazing life he had with you.
  4. If you have access to an empty IV bag it makes a great cover for his bandage. Good luck with the healing process.
  5. Thanks Jey, I heard from my vet who said to make sure the thermometer was against the large intestine wall and not stuck in poop.... She is encouraged by her progress .
  6. Sunday update: She is improving in energy and appetite, however her temp is now below normal at 98.9.
  7. Mary I'm just seeing this thread. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful sweet girl. Your description of her sounds so much like my Wink. What a hole these extra sweet ones leave in our hearts. God speed Tasha.
  8. She has eaten 3 good meals today, only needed assistance for breakfast and has been more energetic. She even jumped off the couch when she heard the sounds of the chip bag being opened. . Mobile vet came today for xrays. She is sending them to pathologist for a double check, but saw nothing suspicious.
  9. Saturday AM update on Birdie. Our vet came out last night to do a quick blood count. Bad news -platelet count had dropped to 20. Good news -she started her medications got some sub q fluids and is eating a little. (Nana o's chicken parm last night and home made waffles this AM) She also has more energy which is weird considering her anemia, but we will take that. Thanks for the good thoughts and advise. Fingers crossed she is one of the lucky ones.
  10. Poor Neko. It doesn't sound like what we are going through here. Birdie's white cell counts are high and red blood cells low so she is getting very little oxygen. With this condition the red blood cells actually start destroying each other was what I was told. No bleeding or bruising here. She is having a better day today. Actually ate some nice stinky mackeral and sat in the sun out in the yard for a couple of hours. We will have to wait and see what the xray's and ultra sound tell us. Thanks for the replies.
  11. May 23 Update It looks like Birdie is one of the lucky ones. Last week she started running and digging her holes. This week she is running full out and has started attacking the Fatahoula. This final milestone means she is totally back to her old self. This has been a LONG haul and I literally thought the prednisone was going to kill her. It's amazing how differently my 2 greyhounds react to that drug. Nearly 14 year old Wink has been on 2 courses over the last 6 months without any sign of a reaction. Birdie was so down for the count... had every bad reaction in the book, but the worst was the muscle wasting. She is starting to look like herself again. Her muscle is coming back more every day. Again thanks for all the good thoughts. Liz Friday 4/26/13 Well Birdie has had it rough, but finally this past week has shown some encouraging signs of improvement. Small things like holding her head higher, wagging her tail again, loping out into the yard, joining the Catahoula in defending the property and barking!... never thought I would be happy about barking. She looks like hell still. I don't dare bring her out in public for fear of animal control being called as she has suffered from Cushing's syndrome from the strong steroid doses. (excessive thirst, urination, muscle wasting) Two more weeks of slowly decreasing steroids, doxy, and immune suppressants left for her, however we are hopeful now and feel she is definitely happier. Birdie has always been in top form physically. I hate looking at her shrunken body. I hope her muscles can come back from this and she can once again be tearing up our yard. This has been a long journey that hopefully has a happy ending. Thanks again for all the healing wishes. Liz Monday 4/8/13 My mobile vet was in the area and just called to ask if she could swing by for a blood check on Birdie as she was close by. (have I mentioned how much I love my new vet? Dr Sarah Curry All Creatures Mobile Vet. servicing southeastern NH and ME.) Anyways she just left.... Birdie's PCV count was 20 on Sat. It has come up to 28 today!!! She was thrilled that she has responded this well so far! I am feeling more hopeful that she will be one of the lucky ones that recover from this IMHA. Thank you St Francis and Birdie's well wishers out there. Will keep you posted. Liz My 9 year old Birdie has just been diagnosed with this. She was totally fine Saturday. She started with 3 pee accidents in the house Sun pm through Monday AM and we just thought UTI. She rapidly went downhill, not eating or drinking much, running a low grade fever and very lethargic. After 2 days of no improvement we had the vet over yesterday. She took blood and urine. This is the diagnosis that came back with the blood work today. It doesn't sound very hopeful. Billiruben (sp) is very high and lots of hemoglobin in her urine, so liver is affected. We will do IV fluids, steroids and doxy once the specialist she is conferring with agrees. Abdoninal xray and ultrasound to follow. She mentioned she has not seen a greyhound with this, but has seen it often with other breeds in her emergency experience. Has anyone had any experience with this? It all sounds like a lymphoma diagnosis to me
  12. I can't comment on the poo issue, as we haven't had that yet ...crossed fingers and knocking on wood here. We tried the depo shot 2 weeks ago and saw absolutely no change. Our 13.7 year old is on a course of tramadol, valium, and prednisone for the next 2 weeks. Sucks getting old
  13. I had one of those. All I can say is patience, treats and time. It took a good 3 months, but for Finn it finally clicked that kids on bikes, bus' air brakes and loud cars weren't really scary after all. I hope he progresses quickly, you know he'll get there
  14. In the last 10 years I have brought 3 permanent and 3 fosters into my home with NO problems. The 3 permanant dogs were all cat safe and lived with 3 cats (indoor cats) One of the fosters was very high prey drive (no cats at this point) so that had to be managed outside of my home, but here at home he was an absolute peach. He was with us for 9 months. The other 2 short term fosters were not a speck of trouble. I personally feel that retired greyhounds are the easiest breed to adopt, if a couch potato is what you are looking for. Sticking to a schedule will go far in making your hound's transition to a home the easiest. Crate, a consistent schedule, and allow privileges gradually I have found are the key to success.
  15. Ed, to us old timers here on this board Gus' story is legend. Please be kind to yourself. Gus was one lucky dog to have landed with you. I am so sorry for your loss.
  16. I have been making a "slop" of chicken, rice and veggies to add to Wink's kibble. I make a big pot that lasts me for more than a week. I end up giving her less kibble and more of the "slop". I also may add buttermilk and brown sugar or ensure. She also gets the biggest share of our supper left overs whatever they may be. Wink has always had a cast iron stomach so no worries there. Treasure
  17. I don't know how old Slinky is but my elderly Wink suffered from the same symptoms. We could barely touch her back without her attempting to scratch and act all twitchy/ticklely. The vet put her on a short course of prednisone /valium combination and that seemed to relieve her of those symptoms.
  18. I am a teacher and have brought 3 hounds (adopted) and 3 fosters into my house during the school year. I just follow the routine that they will have from day one. I always crate new dogs as I feel it eliminates many worries, especially if you are taking 2 hounds at once. (space/treat/toy aggression, potty accidents, counter surfing/shoe destruction, etc) Knowing what I know now, if I were going to adopt a greyhound I would get 2 at the same time. This I totally agree with....
  19. Well maybe crazy runs in the family. I just noticed Pop's dad is Oswald Cobblepot, so is Wink's! lol
  20. I was going to mention the possible vision and confusion as well. My 13.5 year old gets "stuck" at times. It could be from her hind end weakness or vision issues, or confusion. Whatever the cause, she IS stuck in place and we usually just help her through whatever barrier it is. We have a dog door she still uses, but sometimes she needs a little verbal encouragement or at times physically assisting her. Her coordination is not consistent. We always assume she is needing some sort of assistance.
  21. We had a puppy come into our home with 2 female greyhounds. One of them reacted with total acceptance the other put the pup in her place every opportunity she could. There was mild growling and snapping that the puppy was very respectul of. We didn't intervene, because the puppy reacted appropriately and stopped the behaviors that were bothering to the grey. We we didn't leave the puppy alone with the dogs until she was about 9 months old and her relationship in the pack was clearly established. She has grown up to be super dog and we attribute much of that to her "upbringing" with the greyhounds. Your puppy is way too young to be harassing a mature dog who is used to his own space. You need to watch the puppy's reactions to the grey's corrections. If the pup is not respectful of those corrections you may have a lot of trouble on your hands. Expose them in short periods and monitor them at all times. It should get better as your puppy matures.
  22. How is she reacting to his growls? If she was reacting appropriately to his warnings by stopping her behavior that is what you want to see happening. Good luck with the settling in period.
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