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  1. Wink used to do this to the water bowl when we used to go to the dog park. I always thought she was marking it as "MINE". LOL
  2. Oh Jayne and Tim, so sorry to hear this. Yes it seems an end to an era. Is Wink the only member left of the old GT chat pack?
  3. I have given one pill in the past.
  4. It could just be the heat/humidity and stormy weather/fireworks. It does a number on my Birdie. She doesn't get over the top anxious, but listless, and standoffish along with the panting.
  5. Since I assume you are at Molly's house,.. How is the weather there? Are there fireworks going off in the neighborhood? My Birdie acts that way when fireworks/thunderstorms are happening. Hopefully she is just adjusting to a new person and routine.
  6. I'm so sorry. He looks like such a sweetie.
  7. Jey (Batmom) just reminded me... My dogs, permanent and fosters, all came straight into my house without any preliminary introductions. Maybe it has been luck, but there has not been a problem with any of them.
  8. I'll start by saying your English is tres bon! I would trust in your adoption group to match you up with a suitable hound. I am assuming your Chase came though them so they will be able to make a choice based on their knowledge of your boy and your needs. Girl or boy I'm sure there will be a good match made.
  9. Yikes! that does look like a painful thing. I know the hulling technique uses a dental tool... I think a root extractor?
  10. When I read about Mork it makes me think Finn would be in that same state had he lived that long. You will know when Mork starts to get sad, and when it is time to let him go.
  11. Wink has fallen several times. (14 in July) We have runners all over the house so she doesn't slip. She will occasionally fall outside when her back legs go to wonky on her. She can still get herself up, but it takes a tremendous amount of effort and really upsets her. It's so hard to see them get old, but she is still really happy and not in any pain. We are fortunate that she still has control of her bladder and bowels and she looks wonderful. Please give Morkie a big hug and kiss for me.
  12. I'm so sorry Robin. She looked like such a character... so cute and so lucky to have found you.
  13. My Wink had one removed about 7 years ago. They got clear margins and it has never returned. She will be 14 in July.
  14. We had the same muscle wasting issue with Birdie on pred. We started giving her 4 meals a day, kibble plus rice/meat/veggie combo. We also gave her meds in a peanut butter sandwich each time. That has helped quite a bit. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your pup. You are luckier than we were with the peeing issues. It was a total pee fest here for about 3 weeks. We are lucky the room the dogs are in is pretty pee proof. We had 2 or 3 large puddles a day for a while.
  15. Welcome back Shirley. I'm not on here as much as I used to be, but I try and check in periodically. I was thinking about the "old chat room gang" recently and you were one of the players I was remembering.
  16. Gosh that sounds just like almost 14 year old Wink except she has all her teeth. She had totally lost interest in kibble so have been making her a slop of meat/rice/pasta/veggies, whatever. She has recently started to eat kibble again so I am mixing the slop with the kibble. When she was being really picky I would actually hand feed her and that seemed to work, don't know why? Sometimes I think it's her tongue not working correctly - sort of like she had a mini stroke or something, but then other times she has no problem. She whines and barks for no apparent reason most of the time. I blame it all on the "old crazies".
  17. OMG! My vet had no Doxy due to a shortage of the drug. She had to call Birdie's prescription into my pharmacy. 52 100mg tablets 135.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Went to Walmart to see if the price was better. They quoted me 175.00. Searched some pet med sights and found SOLD OUT on the Doxy. I don't get how they can shut down production of such a useful antibiotic. Is there something else going on here? Curious minds want to know. I ended up asking for 20 to get me through Monday hoping to find someone who has a stash.
  18. Wink started doing that at about age 10. Vet said it was due to thinning of the larynx as they get older. Birdie does this (more mildly) seasonally along with some mild eye discharge, allergy related.
  19. My Birdie went from an extremely sweet, quiet (NEVER heard her bark in 2 years), laid back dog to a vocal, bratty, exuberant dog after the loss of my Finn. She totally took over the household (in a good way) For those who knew the "old" Birdie, and then saw the "new" Birdie it was quite shocking.
  20. The only thing I am thinking is her eyesight? She might be feeling anxious if there has been a change in her sight?
  21. Do a search on baking soda/cancer/fungus. we add a teaspoon of baking soda to Birdie's and Wink's feed. .... simple, cheap, and no worries about potential harm and they don't notice it's there.
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