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  1. That all sounds very hopeful. It is amazing how hard they try.
  2. Ha... I brought home a Sweetie, NKA Birdie, for a temporary respite from a flooded kennel in 2006! I hope your Sweetie stays as long. What was her race name?
  3. She always reminded me so much of Wink. Sad that they left the same week. I'm sorry Judy.
  4. Gosh so many GT "oldies" are leaving us. I will miss his reports. Godspeed Joe
  5. Such sad news. I'm so sorry Steve.
  6. We said good by to sweet Winkie this morning at home. (Thank you Dr Sarah Curry All Creatures Mobile Vet for giving us the opportunity to say goodby in such a gentle and stress free manner) She lost her "sparkle" last week and I knew it was time to let her go. She would have stayed, my devoted companion, but I couldn't let her. She never had a bad day and I promised her she wouldn't ever. Run free sweet girl, our heart dog. Give Finn a big sloppy greeting for me. You are already so missed.
  7. My Wink (14) has been on Fresh Factors for 6 months now. She is elderly so my input may have no impact on the weight issue. She has not gained any weight and takes the maximum dose.
  8. My old girl Wink is not too interested in her breakfast. She was leaving half behind. I now give her less at breakfast and more at dinner time. She never leaves a drop of her evening meal.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear this. RIP Manero, handsome man.
  10. Wink loves everyone equally. Birdie has always been called my "man slut". Our Catahoula is on the shy side and generally prefers women. It's not a greyhound thing, it's just a dog thing.
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss. I thought his name sounded familiar as I was watching my Wink race at Hinsdale back then. He raced with my Wink, (she beat him here http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?r=1025129) It looks like they were both a couple of workhorses there He was a lucky boy to have found such a loving home with you. Miss Wink says "Godspeed old comrade"
  12. We have used this fencing with no problems for 2 sides of our yard. We did put orange snow fencing over it in the furthest area so we could see if something had happened to the fence with a quick glance. Here in the north east it was checked after every snow fall. Any slightly sagging areas of the fencing tended to collect snow and had to be shaken off. Any dog friends coming over were walked around the perimeter so they knew the boundaries. Never had a problem here, but we have always had dogs who were very respectful of boundaries and never challenged them. Also we have a VERY private back yard. The areas that are closest to the house and driveway are wooden picket fence. It lasted 6 years, but this year we noticed some breakage at the bottom where bunnies and woodchucks were entering and leaving the yard. We replaced it with welded wire. .
  13. What a beautiful story. Made my eyes a little leaky. I can't wait to hear more about Jack. ... and of course Jenny too.
  14. He's as special as my Wink who has done this for the 10 years she has been with me.
  15. Relax. I think it is great you are on neutral ground for first meeting. I bet they will both be very excited to be meeting another greyhound. Let them have a good sniff "hello", but most of all try and be as relaxed as possible.
  16. I'm sorry, there is never enough time. Hugs to you.
  17. Tracy I use one of the snoods from Kris'koats ( I cut it to about 7 inches wide) and just slip it up over Wink's thighs and she wears it like a band. I keep it on her when she is really having difficulty getting up. I just hoist her back end up with it. It is very comfortable for her to wear all the time since it is lightweight polar fleece. She has been taking the Fresh Factors 4 tablets a day and I have been giving her HylaRx Horse Joint Supplement (1.5oz ) since the beginning of June and have seen some minimal improvement, but for me more importantly has maintained the level of weakness and not gotten worse. Good wishes for your old girl.
  18. At 11 years old sounds like she is developing some cataracts in her eyes. That is about the age my Wink started. Welcome back!
  19. My dogs have eaten the Exceed for years off and no with no problems. Kirkland's food is made by Diamond so you should be able to get a very similar product at other locations. Tractor Supply has the Diamond products. My dogs are currently eating the Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice Formula which is probably the exact same product as the Kirkland brand. I might try switching to the lamb version of what you are feeding. Sometimes it's the protein that makes the difference.
  20. I'm so sorry Jennifer. Wink sends her sympathy for her fellow Hinsdale racer. They were only 10 days apart in age.
  21. Does she really need to be on Heartguard at all at 14? I don't give heartworm meds to my 14 year old.
  22. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this. Miss Sadie was a special girl.
  23. Oh Mary, I'm sorry to hear this. Hoping Miss Fiona stays happy and keeps feeling well.
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