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    From the album: GT Dogs

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    GT Dogs

  3. From the album: GT Dogs

    Snaps first TV exposure.
  4. I'm so sorry. I remember your beautiful girl. I lost my Wink last September as well. A new greyhound is the best healing.
  5. Sounds like you have a great situation for adding 2 at once. I say go for it!
  6. Sweet Fiona, Mary I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl.
  7. Finnsliz


    I'm so sorry. I will miss his photoshop bombs. They always made me crack up! ... and no it's not too soon. Especially if he was your only dog, and even if he was not. Social will be honored by you giving another greyhound a home.
  8. I'm so sorry Marc. I'll let SR know.
  9. I agree with Robin's vet's assessment of pain. I've faced this twice now with 2 greyhounds and took the day early philosophy. I couldn't live with the consequences of the inevitable traumatic event occurring. Good luck with your decision. I am terribly sorry you have to make it. btw my husband couldn't make that decision either and I knew and understood that, but I know it can make things harder for you.
  10. Diane I'm so sorry to read this. Jen just lost her Dottie today and I was thinking she was the last of our first generation greyhounds. Matty was such a sweet soul. I know how dearly you will miss him. RIP Wink and Finn's brother by another mother.
  11. Oh Carol and Ryan, just seeing this. He was such a lovable guy. I'm so sorry. I tried to find a good pic of him from ages ago when we met up in Lynnfield. He was such an unassuming guy it was hard to find him in any of the pictures. LOL It's hard to believe that Jen's Dottie is the only grey left from the group that day. Let's see if I can remember them all... Finn, Wink, Suzie, Jitterbug, Patsy Fagan, Dottie, Aggie, Jazz, Mattie and Mork RIP Mork you were so loved by everyone who knew you.
  12. I'm sorry you lost another.
  13. We had that exact same discussion with our vet. Since Wink had been on steroids previously with no ill effects she was willing to try it. She had never done it before. She took the information I had given her from Dr Stack, did a little more research for herself then did the injections. Unfortunately there were no positive changes, but it was worth the try.
  14. I love broodies... the appreciate EVERYTHING! Congrats she looks like a real winner
  15. Xan that was beautiful. I was just sitting here reading GT and really feeling the loss of Wink. Reading that poem made me realize that is exactly how she would want me to feel. Thank you
  16. So sorry Ducky. We were so lucky with Birdie's recovery from IMHA. Tessa was a lucky girl to have landed in your home.
  17. Finnsliz


    Peet and Jack I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet Tex. Sorry for the late response, but we are out of state and I just took a minute to check in on GT. It's so hard to say goodbye. My thoughts are with you.
  18. Oh Gillian, I am sorry to hear of Pilgrim's issues. Letting her manage her activity is exactly what we did with Wink. We are wishing Pilgrim the best here.
  19. Another GT oldie, but goodie, gone. I remember all your posts about getting her way back when. I'm so sorry. She'll be in good company with Wink, Finn, Jet, Ryan, Loca, Phene, Batman, and all the rest of the oldies crew.
  20. I'm sorry for your loss. It's amazing how they all find their unique ways of grabbing our hearts. Sweet tribute to your handsome roman nosed companion.
  21. I've seen changes in my dogs after each passing of a pack mate. With the passing of Wink last week, Birdie has become hugely energetic doing the crazy zoomies she did as a 3 year old in the house. She is demanding "out" times more frequently and digging huge holes and running laps in our big yard. She was rooing along to a youtube the other day. (she is not much of a rooer) I wonder if she was just keeping it all on the down low while Wink was so fragile. They are such sensitive dogs.
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