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  1. Hoping to hear later this week due to the holiday weekend. Will post results as soon as I hear.
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  6. We feel your pain here. Have loose cats lounging in my yard right outside "dog room" window, driving my new boy insane.
  7. We do follow the all muzzled rule here. Have been around greyhounds too long not to know better. Snap is a straight off the farm, never raced dog. His behavior is totally typical of farm dogs. He's sweet and lovable and respectful of the other dogs in the house. It's just this reactive behavior I am hoping will subside with time. I put the crate back up and just came home to a very calm household. I think it will stay up for a while as it makes it so much easier coming into the house. I can't block his view of those freaking cats any other way. He is very laid back in his crate, not even getting up until you are opening the crate door. I am hoping to hear some stories of this subsiding with time.
  8. Snap has been home 3 months now. He has made an easy transition to this point, but as we all know things do change as things get more comfortable. Birdie has no problems with any new addition in the house. Smokey (Catahoula) has had a hard time with this addition, jealousy of attention, toys etc as she has never had competition for these things. Snap is a big boisterous young male with a lot to learn. He has no problems with other dogs, but needs to be muzzled when doing any competitive running. He has high prey drive and unfortunately neighbors have outdoor cats who lounge in the road right outside our window. This kicks him into high gear and I think Birdie got a tear on top of her back due to this. I was not home to witness, but its the only thing that makes sense. (She is fine and showed no anxiety when I got home and we didn't even discover the wound till much later in the evening) This AM there was a bit of a yelling match at the gate between Smoke and Snap when I went out to my car..a cause for huge excitement. No harm done, but 2 incident now in 2 days. He now has his muzzle on. We used the crate initially, but he proved to be a clean dog from day one so we took it down. They are restricted to one big room in the house when alone. Separating any one dog would cause anxiety. Any advice on how to manage this would be appreciated. Any experienced peeps know if this will lessen in time?
  9. Keep it on him more often. This is totally typical behavior. He's just trying to rub it off.
  10. My first greyhound Finn was diagnosed with arthritis at 3.5 years in his left wrist. Glocosamine then hyaluronic acic supplements were helpful until at 8 years was diagnosed with osteo just above that wrist. Poor boy never could cut a break as he suffered with corns as well.
  11. 9/3/14 Just got the call from Dr. Curry. No cancer cells found in her lymph nodes! We just need to keep watch on them with her IMHA history. Huge sigh of relief here. 12 year old Birdie is behaving normally no issues. She had her annual physical today. The Dr found all her lymph glands enlarged to the size of a large olive. She took some fluid from 2 and sent to UNH lab for analysis checking for leukemia. Bird survived a nasty episode of IMHA a year ago last spring. I don't know if there could be any connection or if this could be a result of a compromised immune system. ??? Any way it will be a few days till we get any results so fingers, paws crossed it turns out to be nothing much. ***it could be lymphoma they are checking on, my brain tends to shut down when I hear bad words.
  12. Thanks, I have two other dogs that will take care of it.
  13. I'm so sorry. George was a lucky boy to have found you.
  14. My first 3 greyhounds lived with 3 indoor cats. No problems. We moved to a home with a very large yard and 3 outdoor cats across the street. There is only one now . New boy chased down a deer who stupidly jumped our fence, caught him, got kicked and let him go, but continued to chase him out of the yard. (All witnessed by my 83yr old mother. Boy did she have a good story to tell her friends) Last week it was a woodchuck battle, woodchuck lost, that was the second incident this summer. 12 year old Birdie was responsible for the demise of the first. Imo, there is very little hope for a fast moving critter with a loose dog. Birdie I trust with little dogs off leash....Snap, no way I would chance it. The Catahoula is right in there with them. Not breed specific here.
  15. I'm a convert! New boy has a sloppy poop issue. One serving of IAMS green bag .... cured. Of course this is AFTER I stocked up on 3 bags of our usual food on sale.
  16. We've had our new boy close to 3 months now. Changes are still happening. It usually takes several months to see the "pet" emerge. I have found with all my greyhounds that personality is very fluid depending on changes they have to adapt to. ie; ageing, adding dogs, etc. Routine is key, that can't be stressed enough. Your dog sounds anxious/insecure. The leash will be your best friend. It means it's time to move to her. Use it to get her out of the crate. Don't be afraid to use her muzzle when leaving her. She is familiar with it and you will be more relaxed knowing she can do no harm to herself or your home while you are gone. In a few months you will look back and be amazed at the pet you have raised.
  17. So sorry to hear this Judy. What a wonderful life he had with your family.
  18. Birdie has never roached or leaned in the 10 years she has been here. Our new boy has been leaning since the minute we met him and roaching since his first night. All depends on the dog.
  19. Have been feeding Diamond Naturals for over a year with no problems. Use to feed Kirkland, also a Diamond food, for several years till we gave up our Costco membership.
  20. We can always only do the best we know how. Hugs Robbie.
  21. Henry is such a sweet man and really loves his dogs.
  22. Oh that makes me so sad. Shawn was one of our "old time" chat buddy regulars. He was a hoot! He went through so much. I'm glad he found such happiness in TN. Rest in peace Shawn. Prayers to his family.
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