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  1. Hello and welcome from New Hampshire.

    If you are on Facebook Northern Greyhound Adoptions has a group page you could join. They are located in St Albans, but you may be able to connect with some greyhounds in your area. You can also find Fast Friends in Keene NH on Facebook. Good luck with your move.

  2. His urination issue sounds like a condition that occurs with racers after a race. They call it being "tied up". Sometimes treated with muscle relaxers. Our male sometimes has this difficulty during stressful situations, ie; adjusting to new situations, long travel, etc. For him massaging his back while he is urinating helps relax and increases the flow.

  3. I know 2 greyhounds that have recovered from meningitis just recently. One from Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption Keene NH, his name is Gabriel. You might be able to follow his path to wellness on the website. The other was a very young (18mos) @ Greyhound Adoption Service MA. Both dogs are doing well. Thought I might offer some hope :)

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