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  1. Oh dear, sorry to see Zeke pasesed away. He was such a sweet boy. Birdie will be 13 this July, God willing, and aside from becomming deaf is doing pretty well. Snap's 2nd gotcha day is at the end of May. I'm still helping Marilyn at the kennel.
  2. Well life does seem to fly by doesn't it? Hello to all my old friends. I just referred a new adopter to this forum and had to search for the link . I will try to come in more often.
  3. Short leash and purposeful walks practice. (no sniffing and fast pace) I'm a big meanie I guess. The second they step into my space I bumped them back to where they belong with my knee. Figure 8s work really well. Didn't take mine long for them to figure it out.
  4. It's never easy to say good bye, but even worse I think when you've shared so many years. I'm sorry Fiona.
  5. Iams mini chuncks here . They seem to enjoy it more than the big chunks. I had to switch to it when our newest arrived with very runny poop. One feeding of Iams and he was cured. Now I'm just going to stick with what works.
  6. My big boy (84lbs) gets 4 cups of Iams mini chuncks, plus leftovers, plus treats. Iams was a lifesaver with him and his runny poop. It was an instant cure. One meal and he was all set. It was amazing.
  7. I was thinking that the "baby voice" you use with your child is/was probably the voice you used with her. So when the baby wakes and you are using that voice to the dog it means you are talking to her too!
  8. Hello and welcome from New Hampshire. If you are on Facebook Northern Greyhound Adoptions has a group page you could join. They are located in St Albans, but you may be able to connect with some greyhounds in your area. You can also find Fast Friends in Keene NH on Facebook. Good luck with your move.
  9. His urination issue sounds like a condition that occurs with racers after a race. They call it being "tied up". Sometimes treated with muscle relaxers. Our male sometimes has this difficulty during stressful situations, ie; adjusting to new situations, long travel, etc. For him massaging his back while he is urinating helps relax and increases the flow.
  10. Amy I'm so sorry to hear this sad news.
  11. Do you have a small space in your house (kitchen/pantry, den, office) you could baby gate her into? I would try that armed with your web cam you could monitor what she is doing.
  12. That's how Birdie got her name, she ate 2lbs of bird food at my sister's house. New boy Snap is a compulsive counter surfer. Glad all is well with Xavi and the vet bill.
  13. Fresh Factors worked well with my Wink. Started her @ 12 yrs old and got her to 14.2years. I did see a significant difference in her. Birdie is getting them now and at 12.2yrs she is still pretty fiesty.
  14. Pineapple? Never heard that one. My dogs like to eat it, so don't imagine it would stop them from eating it on the way out. Lol Birdie is my only poop eater and she prefers it frozen so we have a couple more months before it starts. Only cure is muzzle and stool guard here.
  15. Jen, her lymph nodes are the same size (grape/large olive). She continues to act normal.
  16. I know 2 greyhounds that have recovered from meningitis just recently. One from Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption Keene NH, his name is Gabriel. You might be able to follow his path to wellness on the website. The other was a very young (18mos) @ Greyhound Adoption Service MA. Both dogs are doing well. Thought I might offer some hope
  17. Do you have a friend with a greyhound (or other breed) that willingly jumps into a car? Mine have all learned from each other. If one jumps in the other does NOT want to be left behind.
  18. No dogs in our bedroom. Another vote for the closed door.
  19. This suggestion may be out there but, what about her vision? If her sight is compromised in some way she would be freaking out.
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