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  1. Welcome to GT from the North Shore. Your Lima is gorgeous.
  2. Driven By Chile Another welcome from just north of Boston
  3. Finnsliz


    I am so sorry for you Mare and your family.
  4. You are right.. Out of the worst often come small miracles to make you realize what needs to be appreciated. Welcome back Nichole.
  5. Wink got the Drontal shot when she was still groggy from her spay. My others have had the Drontal with no problems.
  6. Hello from MA here! Love the dog bed!
  7. Welcome back from the North Shore
  8. Cat food always packs it on for Birdie! (Just Kidding not suggesting you purposely feed it, but it does work )
  9. My only experience with Immodium was Birdie's overdose. I didn't realize that it was an opiate I hope the course of treatment does the trick for poor Hobbes. Good luck Fiona
  10. That sweet adorable fuzzy girl will be missed. I am so sorry
  11. I am so sorry Alicia. Lilah was such loveable cute fuzzy girlie!
  12. A trainer also told me about "memory pain" Where the pain may actually be gone, but the dog is not recognizing it. Happens when there is long term pain. I hope Tom is feeling better by now:)
  13. They are so pathetic when they are doped up aren't they? Here's hoping for some quick healing
  14. I use a couple of paper towels soaking wet. I put them in a baggy then put that on the foot. Therapaw goes on top of the baggie. This way you can keep it on for a few hours, not cause the dog too much stress and not cause yourself too much stress. The best part is there is little mess.. just a little dripping.
  15. Poor Snickers... My heart goes out to you and to poor Snickers. I hope you can find relief soon
  16. Here's hoping for lots of healthy years for you to enjoy with Snickers.
  17. Jen Wink does this every spring... hacking and constant rubbing of her head and eyes. Seasonal allergies! Birdie does it as well, but not to the degree Wink does.
  18. Well it looks like Kells fell into a whole lot of happiness from MA
  19. Hoping she makes it through surgery smoothly and has an uneventful recovery
  20. Yes Gail, the drugs can cause agitation.... Hoping Snickers had a more restful day today and for a restful night so she can come home.
  21. My dogs have all done something similar either running over the rocks in my back yard or scraping them coming through the doorway. No screams... I don't think they even knew they had scraped themselves. Clean them up and watch for infection. PS ... cheap First aid item Buy some Sterile Saline solution (used for contact lens cleaning) Flush your wounds with that! I always have a big bottle on hand. Scrapes happen all the time around here.
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