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  1. Managed with the proper pain protocol Gracie should be fine. She will feel so much better after her recovery. I watched 2 racers this summer recover so quickly from toe amps, it was amazing. Gracie (my Wink says running with 15 toes is NO PROBLEM! )
  2. Welcome from North of Boston. Tobin is one handsome dude
  3. Poor Morky, many good thoughts heading his way. Corns SUCK!
  4. Did it once with my Finn who suffered from corns the entire time I had him. I took him to a vet who worked on racers. Long recovery, and it grew back in about 8 months. The hulling proceedure worked best for us, but there was no permanent cure. I have seen dogs recover quicker and with less pain from a toe amputation than it took for Finn to recover from his corn removal surgery.
  5. We have that cough here. We call it the "old lady cough" My friend's senior grey has the same cough. Vet check says not an issue, may be something allergy related or just an old lady cough. Is your dog on the senior side?
  6. Lucky Buddy to have found you Dianne. I am very sorry for your loss. Liz
  7. Aw he looks just like my Finn who would have been 10 in July. Very handsome and lucky boy!
  8. Wink had one removed several years ago on her belly area. She got so loopy from the pre anesthesia that she didn't need to be put fully under. They removed the mass and took extra to get the margins. Fingers crossed it has not returned although we were told it was a possibility. I hope you have as good a result as we did.
  9. Wink sends her wishes for a greyt outcome Hobbes.
  10. Wink looked exactly like that last week. Pulled/strained muscle. Try and keep your pup quite for a few days. Anti inflamatories will work well too. Wink is fully recovered ... took about 4 or 5 days of rest.
  11. He was my Birdie's (Kiowa Sweet Duv) dad. Sad how both he and Oswald Cobblepot lived such short lives. He died young as well.
  12. Welcome and congratulations on your new addition from another Iruska pup. I have Iruska Sweet Duv here, aka Birdie. (no relation I already checked )
  13. Finnsliz


    I'm so sorry Rachel.
  14. Congratulations on your new addition. You got yourself a wonderful boy. I know him from his racing kennel. There his name was Ryan. He is very sweet and handsome. He was there with 2 other littermates Do You Get My Drift and Driven by Fate who were also wonderful sweet dogs... and beautiful as well.
  15. Kim I am so sorry to hear about Chloe's passing. Boy did she have a great life with you guys. Goodspeed Chloe
  16. Oh Carol and Ryan I am so sorry about Matty. She was such a sweet bratty thing. So much fun to hang at the ball park with.
  17. I echo what Robin says....DRY! Rest is best... good luck with that!
  18. I'm so sorry Jess. It is so hard to say goodbye.
  19. Finnsliz

    Bello Stoops

    Angela I am so sorry about Stoops. I am just seeing this now.
  20. Gillian and Chris, I am so sorry for your loss. Marilyn and I couldn't believe how young Catwalk when we looked her up on Sunday. She touched many lives, her memory will live on in so many hearts.
  21. I was asked if I wanted to have a sedative administered first. Finn was so relaxed at the vet that I opted for no sedative. He passed very quickly and peacefully. I'm so sorry you had such a horrible experience.
  22. I knew with that race name she had to be an O'Donnell dog Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Finnsliz


    I am so sorry Richard and Elise.
  24. Butch was a very sweet boy. I am glad I got the chance to meet him.
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