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  1. Finn had many many corns. There was never any swelling involved with any of them. I don't have my glasses on and didn't read your entire post, but has she had xrays on that toe?
  2. My foster Sarge gently plucked all the snow drops off my plants this spring. He seemed to enjoy every bite. I think they just taste good
  3. My Finn was diagnosed with arthritis at the young age of 3.5. I had him on glucosomine/chondrotin/msg without any noticable results. A kennel owner at Raynham told me to use this Hyalun and I did see results. I bought the horse version and converted the dosage. (lasted 3x longer for the same price)
  4. Hyalun I used the horse version of Hyalun for my Finn who was diagnosed with arthritis at 3.5 years. I tried the glucosamine and other supplements but this was the only product that showed any results. Using the horse version (which cost the same as the dog at the time) was about a third of the price as one bottle lasted me 3x longer.
  5. I had a bad experience with a basic manners class being taught in a large gym with several other classes going on simultaneously. VERY overstimulating for my high prey foster boy.
  6. I'm so sorry for the loss of JG Fieldboss. Please extend my sympathy to them. My Wink and Finn had the mom
  7. I'm so sorry Jey. She was a special girl.
  8. I have fond memories of my current foster's Sarge photo shoot I was helping with for his adoption web site pics. He saw a cat, I didn't and he literally took me air born and I landed about 5 feet from where my feet had originally been planted with the wind knocked out of me. I still had the leash though! You just have to be aware and scanning so that you can be prepared on walks. Make sure the leash is looped around your wrist.
  9. Therapaw My pup dislocated her toe over a week ago and sedated and bandaged but didn`t help. Many xray and no fractures, the vet today said to get a Thera-paw boot but cant find them anywhere. Any ideas?
  10. I saw some PET HEAD products recently at a local TJMaxx.
  11. Too much math for me... Just Safe Travels!
  12. kjh here on GT had a dog who naturally pranced and it had nothing to do with her nails. She was a big girl and loved to prance on the beach especially. I miss Miss Jitterbugs and her cute prance.
  13. Oh Jen I am so sorry for the loss of your handsome sweet boy. He and Finn can hang out together again now. Marilyn and I were talking about him a couple of weeks ago. He was a special dog both on and off the track.
  14. Great solution for you.... Get a hound that raced at Wonderland in Revere MA. They heard the train running directly behind the track every nite of racing!
  15. Hi Chris welcome to Greytalk. (We met at Greyhound Adoption service when you were looking for a coat) Eddie is one handsome hound. Liz
  16. I did the corn removal surgery with Finn. Long healing process and the corn did come back after about 8 months. NOT worth it. We have a dog at the adoption kennel (bounce) who had a weight bearing rear toe removed (not corn related). His toes are kind of twisted, but aside from that he is fine. I would go with the amputation. I know how awful it is to watch your dog chronically suffer from the pain of corns. Good luck with your decision.
  17. Hopefully Akon will be like my disgusting creatures and only enjoy the frozen version. We don't have any issues once the weather warms up. Muzzles and stool guards do the trick here. They don't even attempt when the muzzles are on.
  18. Thanks for the replies... She is getting up there in age and has been such a healthy girl. I stopped giving fish oil... think I will start again.
  19. I noticed a small dark raised scabby area on Winkie's neck early last week. It almost felt like a tick was imbedded in her skin. I picked it off, cleaned the area and applied neosporin. It looked good for about a week. This morning I noticed the same type of spot on her outer thigh. I checked her neck spot and it has returned to the original condition of raised, dark and scabby. It is no bigger in size. I again scraped off both areas, cleaned and applied topical treatment. (There is not bleeding involved when I remove the scabs) Has anyone had any exprience with this type of scab, especially as it applies to an almost 11 year old otherwise very healthy greyhound? I plan on keeping a close eye and taking her to the vet this week if they don't improve, but would love some input if anyone has any.
  20. I always muzzle, even when clipping nails. I'm glad you didn't get hurt too badly.
  21. I have only seen my Wink cuddle once with the infamous Loca when she was a house guest. I think some dogs are cuddlers and some aren't. I also think cuddlers know who they can cuddle with and who they can't. I have had 3 other greyhounds and none are/were cuddlers, but they do like to be on the same couch, next to each other on adjoining beds and all were very bonded to each other.
  22. Only one (frozen only) poop eater here. Stool guard works great with the muzzle. She doesn't even bother to try. She does look so sad every time we put in on her though.... I tell her "tough doodie, that is what happens to poopcicle eaters".
  23. I was so sorry to see this thread. Wink and I send our condolences. Rest in peace sweet Hobbes.
  24. Pat I am sorry your Chick is sick. I have no advice only good wishes for recovery. The "Chick" name rang a bell with me and her age. Is she JG Quickchick by any chance? If so she and Wink are half sisters sharing the same Dam. I looked Quickchick up on GD and noticed a great similarity. Wishing you the best.... Liz
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