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  1. CBD oil works like magic for my Snap for a multitude of issues including pain management and anxiety. I second the night light idea.  One of my elderly greys developed Sundowners, a form of dementia creating anxiety and confusion starting in the early evening. I wish I had known about CBD oil back then. 
    I order mine from Canna-Pet, great quality product. 

  2. My first greyhound had similar issues. Had corns and arthritis in his wrist at age 3. I had the corn surgically removed, but it came back. I managed it by soaking it in Epsom Salt and water for a few hours and then hulling the corn out after it had been softened. It never went away, but I was able to keep him somewhat pain free.

    What toe is the corn located on? if it is an outside toe I would seriously consider amputation after my experience. An inside toe is a weight bearing and could be more problematic. I know the healing time is relatively short approximately 2 weeks and I actually had a greyhound who came to me with a toe amputated and it never caused her a bit of trouble.

    Corns are the worst!

  3. Two out of 3 of my original greyhounds had no issues and lived to be 13+ and 14+. The other had corns, then osteo at age 8. My 4th has been healthy as a horse aside from his decision to eat a container of dental floss 2 weeks ago and ended up at the ER for surgery. Accidents happen and dogs do stupid things. I find greyhounds pretty healthy creatures on the whole.


    Forgot to mention NONE of my greyhounds have required a dental.

  4. Just lived through this Nov 9th from slight limp to total non weight bearing over night.. My vet came that very evening and we said good bye. The possibility/probability of a sudden bone break and the torturous pain she would have gone through if that had happened was something I could not chance. At 13 + she had lived a long and healthy life. She was still eating and aside from the sudden onset of pain had been happy and active. Better a week too soon than a minute too late. Pain meds just numb that deep pain.

    You need to make your own decision. You know your dog best, however I think she is telling you and you just need to listen. I'm sorry :(

  5. Had to say good bye to Birdie last week. She went from very slightly favoring her left front leg to total non weight bearing literally overnight. I knew it could be only one thing at her advanced age. She enjoyed her last meal and breathed her last, stress free at home in her own bed with her canine companions close.

    We are so fortunate to have an amazing vet Dr Sarah Curry All Creatures Mobile Vet.


    I think Birdie might be one of, if not the last of the Wonderland Pet Expo generation. We had 10 fun filled years together. She was always up for an adventure. She loved the beach and hiking in the White Mountains. She was the smartest of all my greyhounds and had amazing recall. She adored men (affectionately called our man slut), children and raised our Catahoula puppy. She was a great traveler; Dewey Beach, Ghettysburg, White Mountains, Maine lakes and her favorite, 3 road trips to the farm in Kansas. Gosh she loved it there!

    At 13.4 she enjoyed a good long life. We miss our "Fast Dog".


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