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  1. Laur

    Duffy Doyle

    So sorry to hear this. Seems like yesterday Duffy was a pup.
  2. Just seems like he was a puppy yesterday ! So sorry for your loss.
  3. I am so sorry for your loss...I will miss Tibbie pics.
  4. I am truly sorry for the loss of your Jake.
  5. A special girl in so many ways, I am so sorry for your loss
  6. Oh Chicken Arms, I am so sorry. George will be missed by so many.
  7. What a stunning girlie, I am so very sorry
  8. Beautiful girlie....I am very sorry for your loss.
  9. Laur

    Jakie, Mcp's Leo

    3 weeks....for some strange reason I occasionally feel there will be a knock at the door and he will be standing there wagging his tail ! I was on my porch one day last week and through the trees saw someone with dogs walk by...one had a familiar prance to its step so I instantly thought greyhounds !!! I basically threw myself through the underbrush like a manic Neanderthal saying You, you with the dogs !!! Poor woman stopped...they were not greyhounds, a tall beagle coloured houndie and a smooth collie mix. I apologized and explained..she was very understanding and now pauses when she wal
  10. I am so very sorry...I feel your pain.
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