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  1. Have not used this brand, but the protein & fat content seem high to me. It might not be a problem since you are only using it as a treat.
  2. So sorry to hear this. Healing energy & white light headed your way.
  3. Welcome from South Carolina! I have a Xena as well - and she's black & white as well!
  4. They're never with us long enough. Grieving with you on this anniversary.
  5. So sorry for your loss. Run free, sweet Zilla.
  6. From the album: Cricket57

    What the heck is this thing mom?!?!?!
  7. Thanks for the responses everyone. Batmom: She's not usually very cooperative, so I don't think doing it while she's awake would be an option. And I'll ask the vet about a board certified anesthesiologist. There IS one in Charleston. tbhounds: The LVT I spoke with said they didn't use preops because of how sensitive greyhounds can be. I'll ask again when I talk to the vet (she was off when I called). I checked Xena's adoption book yesterday when I got home. She went in with 4 or 5 others for her dental & spay. No notes. I'm guessing it's an in & out, wham-bam-thank you ma'am, no need for notes since we'll likely never see you again kind of thing. I also sent an email to the president of our adoption group, wondering if she might know something.
  8. LOL - yes, the force is strong with that one! She turned 7 the end of December. She has not been put under since we adopted her (2014). Presumably she was anesthetized to be spayed. Cricket
  9. Yes - I guess more of a meds issue. And, that's correct - they tried to put her under, but she remained wide awake. Cricket
  10. My DW took Xena in for a dental yesterday morning. She called me shortly after noon and said that Xena was not going under and that they were going to keep her until everything cleared out of her system. I called the clinic this morning to get a rundown of what was done (I wanted to get it first hand from those who were there. No pre-ane meds were given. They put in a catheter and then put propofol in through the cath. My girl is wide awake. No tube was put in, but they did put an induction mask over her nose and administered isoflurane. Still nothing. The doc said she's only seen this once before in 15 years. Has anyone else had this happen? What protocol did you use going forward? Thanks in advance. Cricket ETA Meds in title
  11. So sorry for your sudden loss. Run free, sweet Franny. Cricket
  12. So sorry for your loss. Run free, sweet Katie.
  13. She just has a few wild hairs. Congratulations - again!
  14. He's absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on the new addition!
  15. What a beautiful lass! Congratulations!
  16. We leave a TV on for our girls as well. Maybe the TV or music (something soothing - classical or smooth jazz maybe) would help?
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